Millions of years ago, the land masses on earth were a single, contiguous continent: Pangea. With the movement of our planet, the primeval continent began to break 150 million years ago. Today we speak of seven continents, some of which are still connected. Only Australia and Antarctica are really independent.

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Temperatures on the coldest of all continents average 50 degrees below zero. Layers of ice up to four kilometers thick cover almost the entire Antarctic. Only a very small part of the surface is ice-free. That’s why – apart from a few scientists – hardly any people live here. It is the realm of seals, penguins and whales. The animals of the Antarctic mainly feed on the sea because there are hardly any plants.


Australia is the smallest and flattest continent on earth and lies like a huge island in the sea. Until the first Europeans came in the 19th century, only the aborigines lived here. They take care not to destroy nature and only take what they really need from the earth to survive. Around 20 million people live in the smallest part of the world. Australia is famous for its exceptional wildlife. The most famous are the koalas and kangaroos.

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Because of its location on the equator, Africa is the warmest of all continents. That is why there are large desert areas such as the Sahara. Fascinating animals such as elephants, rhinos, baboons, zebras and lions live here. Africa is also the cradle of mankind. Findings prove that our ancestors first appeared in Africa about two million years ago.

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A large number of people live in Europe in a relatively small area. It currently consists of 46 sovereign states, in which more than 100 different languages ​​are spoken. From Norway to Greece, from Portugal to Russia – when you cross Europe, you come across a wide variety of peoples, cultures and landscapes. Europe is also connected to another continent: Asia. They are the only two continents that are not separated by water. Together, the two form a huge land mass.

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The largest part of the world covers almost a third of the total land area. Most people also live here – in India alone over a billion – in China as many as 1.3 billion. So Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Asia is also home to the huge Himalayas with the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest.

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America – North and South

America consists of two continents: North and South America. The continent has an incredible diversity of nature. In North America, all the world’s climate zones are united – from the polar regions to the desert regions. There is still untouched nature here, but also large metropolises. Until the 15th century, only Indians lived in North America. Then European emigrants came to the continent. According to Countryaah.com, Canada, Mexico and United States are the three major countries in the continent of North America.

In South America there are still a relatively large number of Indian descendants. Some of these so-called Indians live in the largest jungle on earth: the rainforest. The trees and plants in this rainforest produce so much oxygen that the area is also called “the green lung of the earth”. Half of all animal and plant species on earth live here.

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Central America

Central America, the seaweed that connects North and South America and separates the Pacific from the Caribbean.

Central America includes the states of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama; total approx. 1/2 million. km2, 33 million. For historical and cultural reasons, Mexico is also often included in Central America.

The area has historical common features dating back to pre-Columbian Native American cultures, and apart from Belize (until 1981 British Honduras) a past as Spanish colonies from the early 1500s. to 1821.

The majority of the population are Catholics and descendants of Native Americans, many of them European-Native American, Masters.

The colonial era’s dependence on plantation products and mining became from the late 1800s. continued by US companies, especially in the field of agribusiness, and for the past 100 years, the countries have been strongly influenced by US political and military influence.

Physical Geography

The mountainous terrain is bounded by a narrow coastal plain to the west and a wider to the east with mangrove swamps characterized in late summer by tropical hurricanes, hurricanes.


Central America lies in a geologically very active area, the collision zone between the two small lithosphere plates Cocos plate and Caribbean plate.


Official languages ​​are Spanish except in Belize, where it is English.

Pre-Columbian Indians

In pre-Spanish times, the region from central Mexico to northern Costa Rica constituted a coherent cultural area known as Mesoamerica.

After the colonization

In the colonial period from the beginning of the 1500-t. until 1821, Central America constituted the administrative unit of Guatemalan Statehood, the Capitanía General, consisting of Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The 50 countries with the highest electricity consumption in the world

Rank Country Electricity consumption (million kWh)
1 United States of America (North America) 4,072,000
2 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 2,650,000
3 Japan (Asia) 973,000
4 Russia (Europe) 812,300
5 Canada (North America) 568.200
6 India (Asia) 567,000
7 Germany (Europe) 511.070
8 France (Europe) 452,000
9 Brazil (South America) 368.430
10 Great Britain (Europe) 354,800
11 Korea, Republic of (Asia) 352,000
12 Italy (Europe) 308.230
13 Australia (Australia-Oceania) 249,300
14 Spain (Europe) 245,000
15 Taiwan (Asia) 213.200
16 Mexico (North America) 211,000
17 South Africa (Africa) 210,600
18 Ukraine (Europe) 186,400
19 Saudi Arabia (Asia) 162,200
20 Turkey (Asia) 145,900
21 Iran (Asia) 145,300
22 Sweden (Europe) 135,700
23 Poland (Europe) 124.070
24 Indonesia (Asia) 121,800
25 Thailand (Asia) 119,300
26 Norway (Europe) 108,290
27 Netherlands (Europe) 106,700
28 Venezuela (South America) 92,560
29 Pakistan (Asia) 90,330
30 Argentina (South America) 86,380
31 Egypt (Africa) 83,940
32 Belgium (Europe) 81,590
33 Malaysia (Asia) 81,473
34 Finland (Europe) 80,610
35 Austria (Europe) 66,840
36 Switzerland (Europe) 58,760
37 Czech Republic (Europe) 57,200
38 Vietnam (Asia) 57,000
39 Uzbekistan (Asia) 55,300
40 Greece (Europe) 55,130
41 Colombia (South America) 53,370
42 Chile (South America) 50,670
43 Philippines (Asia) 49,890
44 Portugal (Europe) 49.110
45 Romania (Europe) 47,080
46 United Arab Emirates (Asia) 46,200
47 Israel (Asia) 42,370
48 Hong Kong (Asia) 41,230
49 New Zealand (Australia-Oceania) 39,020
50 Hungary (Europe) 38,500
Consumption of electrical energy.

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