5 Must in the Resort of Punta Prima

Punta Prima is one of Menorca’s major tourist destinations and much appreciated by both children and adults. There is a slightly larger selection of everything here, although the tranquility is reminded here as well. Although Punta Prima is synonymous with sunbathing and swimming, there are also a number of other activities to do here. Below is reading about some of them.

Punta Prima Beach

If you go to Punta Prima, you naturally want to take a turn to the beach the first thing you do.

According to Franciscogardening, the beach in Punta Prima is relatively deep and the water is calm, which allows you to snorkel and practice other fun water sports such as kayaking or pedal boating. There are no stones here so you do not have to worry about getting sore feet. Along the beach are several bars and restaurants that are open well into the evening so why not meet the sunset here with a drink in hand?

Enter the Splash Sur water park

Just one kilometer outside Punta Prima, a family-friendly water park has recently been opened where you can go with the kids to slide, jump off trampolines or watch the little ones splashing too hard. For less than 100 Euros, three people can come in if you want to spend a full day, but if you get there after kl. 15, the prices are reduced by 50%, as the park closes at 18.

See the horse show Somni

Some charter organizers give travelers access to a very fascinating horse show that is a real spectacle in Menorcan style. It’s called “Somni” (dream in Catalan) and tells the story of a girl who wants a horse as her best friend. The show consists of music and dancing horses and riders, and here you can experience Menorca’s traditions to the extent that it can actually contribute to a small tear in the corner of your eye. The horses are of course the familiar menorquin horses that are loved so much here.

Play mini golf

The mini golf courses are much more colorful and beautiful in Punta Prima than you are used to at home, as they have palm trees and turquoise pools in the background. The mini golf courses are often adjacent to the hotels so you should make sure to take at least one round before going home. Perfect if you want to do a nice activity in the evening before or after dinner.

Go out on Isla del Aire

When standing on the beach in Punta Prima, you can look straight out at a bare island with a large lighthouse. This island is a perfect excursion destination when you want to be a little at peace but at the same time not go that far. On Isla del Aire you can watch birds, have a picnic or hunt the little black lizards that run around. These small animals are very special, as they can change color completely to blend into the environment. The species is typical of this small island of 3.3, km. In addition to the lizards, you are guaranteed to see some of the over 300 rabbits bouncing around.

You come to Isla del Aire by boat which you can rent on the beach and dock in the marina where also the occasional yacht can be seen. Take a quiet moment with your family or girlfriend and do not forget the visit to the beautiful lighthouse.

5 must in the resort of Punta Prima