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Yearbook 2007

Bahamas. According to CountryAAH, US scandal model Anna Nicole Smith's death on February 8 on an island in the Bahamas had political consequences for the country. Ten days after the death, Immigration and Labor Minister Shane Gibson was forced to leave his post when he was accused of speeding up the process of Smith's residence permit in exchange for sex and gifts. The charges came after one of Bahamas newspapers published pictures of Smith and Gibson tightly wrapped in a bed, fully clothed. Gibson called the charges a "gross lie". Anna Nicole Smith lived in the Bahamas during the last months of her life.

2007 Bahamas

When elections were held in Parliament on May 2, the bourgeois and market-liberal opposition party The Free National Movement (FNM) triumphed over the ruling general bourgeois Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). FNM, which ruled in 1992–2002, got 23 of the 41 seats in parliament, while the PLP, which ruled the country in 2002–07, got the remaining 18 seats.

The major dominance of the PLP and FNM in Bahamian politics means that the country actually has a two-party system. There is hardly any major ideological difference between the two parties. Analysts felt that FNM won the election by attracting the most uncertain and young voters.

FNM's leader, lawyer Hubert Ingraham, was appointed prime minister. His new government consisted of 20 members, three of whom were women.

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