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Yearbook 2007

Bahrain. Security forces deployed tear gas and rubber bullets against Shiite protesters on December 19 in a number of villages in the northern part of the kingdom. The protesters reportedly demanded compensation for human rights violations during the 1980s. At least one person was killed in the rattlesnakes, about ten were injured and forty were said to have been arrested. Bahrain's population is dominated by Shia Muslims but the country's leaders are Sunnis.

2007 Bahrain

According to CountryAAH, the human rights organization Amnesty International protested in January that two men and one woman, all convicted of murder, had been executed on December 11, 2006. The death penalty had long been used very sparingly in Bahrain. - only once since 1977.

In October, the government raised salaries for most public servants by 15 percent. Wage rises came after trade union protests and demands that wages must keep pace with inflation.

A number of business executives were arrested in early October on suspicion of corruption. Critics said that the ongoing campaign against corruption let the senior executives go free.

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