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Yearbook 2007

Ecuador. The year was completely marked by the preparations for the drafting of a new constitution. On November 29, the Constituent Assembly convened and announced immediately that the regular National Congress, during the six months of work on a new constitution, would cease to function and the ongoing legislative work be overseen by a special congressional committee. Only after a referendum is held on the new constitution will elections for a new national congress be announced. The Prosecutor General and the Auditor General were also replaced.

2007 Ecuador

According to CountryAAH, the measures were fully in line with the efforts to renew democracy in the country which the government has long since announced. aims to replace the old corrupt party system with a new, "the geometry of a new power" and, in vague terms, introduce socialism. The opposition instead criticized the newly elected President Rafael Correa for authoritarianism and despotism, and made the now-common accusation of imitation of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez in Latin America. They even called on the military to defend the democratic order. President Correa, however, reaped one political success after another during the year. After being installed in his office on January 15, he received a clear sign from Congress to hold a referendum on the drafting of a new constitution, to which 82 percent of voters said yes on April 15. Then the traditional party system really seemed to have been crushed in the September 30 general election, "the mother of all clashes," as President Correa rhetorically called it. The government coalition Movimiento Alianza País (MAP) received 70 percent of the vote, corresponding to 80 out of 130 seats in the Constitutional Assembly, and together with the support parties Pachakutik (the Conaies political branch of the Indian organization) and Movimiento Popular Democrático (MPD) have a comfortable majority.

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