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Yearbook 2007

The Gambia. As expected, the ruling party Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) won big in the parliamentary elections in January and received 42 of the 48 seats that were at stake. There was a slight decline from the 2002 election, which was, however, boycotted by most opposition parties. Four seats went to the United Democratic Party (UDP) while one seat went to an independent candidate. A further five members of parliament are appointed directly by the president.

2007 Gambia

According to CountryAAH, an alleged coup attempt in March 2006 resulted in severe penalties for 13 people, most of the former military. Courts handed down four life sentences, while two men were sentenced to 25 years in prison and four to each 10 years. Three men will serve 20 years in prison.

In February, the United Nations High Representative in Gambia was expelled after publicly questioning the president's claims that AIDS can be easily cured through a cure of herbs and bananas.

Gambia - Banjul


Banjul, until 1973 Bathurst, the capital of the Gambia; 31,300 residents (2012). Banjul is the commercial center of Gambia and through its location on the island of Saint Mary, near the mouth of the Gambia River, is also an important transport center. The industry is focused on peanut processing, Gambia's main export product. Until the 1994 coup d'état, the tourism industry was of great importance. The city has an international airport located about 25 km southwest of the city center.

Banjul was founded in 1816 by the British.


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