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Yearbook 2007

Grenada. According to CountryAAH, the many legal trips around "Grenada 17" continued during the year. In February, the country's highest court of appeal, the Privy Council in London, ruled that the trials against the 17 had violated the country's constitution. Therefore, Grenada's highest court was ordered to redo the trials against the 13 people who were still in jail.

2007 Grenada

In 1986, 14 of "Grenada 17" were sentenced to death for having carried out the coup in 1983 which led to the assassinations of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and nine other government officials. The sentence was converted in 1991 to life imprisonment, and a prisoner was later released. The legal proceedings against the coup makers have received sharp criticism from, among other things, human organizations; Amnesty International has defined the 14 as prisoners of conscience (political prisoners).

When the new trial was held in June, three of the 13 were released, while ten were sentenced to remain in prison until 2010.

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