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Yearbook 2007

Haiti. Haiti is still suffering from great political uncertainty and weak social institutions. President René Préval therefore announced in October his ambition to change the constitution in order to improve stability and thus strengthen democracy. The continued political instability in Haiti also led the UN Security Council in September to vote for UN Security Force MINUSTAH to remain until at least October 2008. In July, US and Haitian agents made an unsuccessful attempt to arrest Guy Philippe, leader of the uprising which in 2004 overthrew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and who is then suspected to have been involved in cocaine smuggling. However, some successes in the fight against drugs were noted during the year; at a strike in May, 420 kilos of cocaine was seized, the largest seizure in over ten years in Haiti.

2007 Haiti

According to CountryAAH, Haiti's former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, "Baby Doc", stepped out of anonymity in September in his exile in Paris for the first time since he was deposed in a military coup in 1986. In a radio speech, he asked the Haitian people for forgiveness for any mistakes that might be committed during his fifteen years in power and praised President Préval for his pursuit of democracy. The speech was considered to be a sign that Duvalier is preparing to return to Haiti, where he already has a small sympathy party, the Parti de l'Unité Nationale (PUN). Ironically, he also praised President Préval for his work on corruption. Duvalier, who led one of the most brutal and corrupt dictatorships in 1971–86, is believed to have stolen $ 6.2 million from the Treasury and prosecution is waiting for him to return.

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