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Yearbook 2007

Liberia. After many difficult years, the tormented Liberia hoped for a better future. Sales of diamonds could be resumed after the UN Security Council lifted the export ban. It was introduced to prevent diamond sales from funding warfare in Liberia and neighboring Sierra Leone. The world's largest steelmaker, Arcelor Mittal, decided to invest one billion US dollars in a new iron mine. The project also includes the construction of a new railway and the renovation of ports.

2007 Liberia

According to CountryAAH, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) made an optimistic assessment of Liberia's economic outlook and predicted annual growth of about 11 percent over the next five years. After the United States and Germany pledged to repay Liberia's total debts to them of more than $ 600 million, the IMF agreed on a debt write-off program to enable Liberia to obtain new loans and be able to access new multilateral assistance.

In September, the UN Security Council decided to extend the mandate of the UNMIL peacekeeping force by one year but to reduce the number of soldiers and police. Liberia is stabilizing, but quite quiet is not the country. Crime is widespread due to high unemployment, not least among former militia soldiers. A message about a failed coup attempt against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shocked the nation in July. Five people, including a former army chief and a former parliamentarian, were charged with treason.

Gyude Bryant, head of the Transitional Government 2003-06, was indicted for embezzlement of more than one million US dollars. A court found that he, as appointed head of state, not elected, did not have the right to legal immunity.

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