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Yearbook 2007

Madagascar. According to CountryAAH, President Marc Ravalomanana, who took up his second term in December 2006, reformed the government in January. As new prime minister, he appointed his campaign manager Charles Rabemananjara, a former interior minister with a past in the army.

2007 Madagascar

In a referendum in April, just over 75 percent of voters said yes to a series of constitutional changes. They mean that the President is given the right to govern via decree in "emergency situations", the self-government of the six provinces is revoked, that English becomes official language alongside Malagasy and French and that the number of seats in Parliament is reduced.

Ahead of this autumn's parliamentary elections, 25 opposition parties formed an alliance against the government. Nevertheless, the ruling party Tiakoi Madagasikara (I love Madagascar, TIM) won big and got 105 of the 127 seats. As in the referendum, participation was low - below 50 percent.

Madagascar - Antananarivo


Antananarivo, formerly Tananarive, capital of Madagascar; 1. 3 million residents (2015). Antananarivo, located approximately in the middle of the island, is the country's cultural center, with, among other things, a university (founded in 1961), and its most important commercial city and transport hub. The city has an international airport as well as rail and road connections with the other parts of the island, for example with Toamasina, the country's most important port city on the island's east coast. In Antananarivo there are food, textile and tobacco industries.

At the beginning of the 17th century, Antananarivo became the capital of the marina and at the end of the 18th century the residence of the royal family who then ruled the country during the 19th century. The remarkable palace on Antananarivo's castle mountain consists of a huge hut in traditional design, surrounded by a "shell" in European style.


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