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Papua New Guinea

Yearbook 2007

Papua New Guinea. According to CountryAAH, Papua New Guinea's severe HIV epidemic received tragic attention during the year when it was reported that people with HIV and AIDS were buried alive in remote villages. The relatives must have explained their actions because they were afraid of being infected by the disease themselves. According to the government's National AIDS Council, many people believe that HIV and AIDS are caused by magic and witchcraft. Hundreds of women have been tortured to force confessions, according to an Australian report. A radio reporter described how he saw HIV-infected people being banned from home and forced to spend his remaining days outdoors or in a pigsty.

2007 Papua New Guinea

According to a UN report, Papua New Guinea is facing an AIDS disaster. The spread of infection is exacerbated, among other things. through polygamy, rape and sexual violence against women. Official figures say that 2 percent of the population has been infected, but according to relief organizations, the proportion is much higher.

In June, the country's parliamentary elections started, which lasted for several weeks because some regions are very difficult to access. The election was a victory for incumbent Prime Minister Michael Somare, who could re-form government, now with the support of 86 of the 109 members of Parliament. Somare's party The National Alliance won only 27 seats, but Somare managed to form a coalition with a number of other parties and partyless members.

A reconciliation ceremony was held in August on the island of New Britain when cannibal descendants prayed for their ancestors to have killed and eaten four Methodist missionaries in 1878. It was not reported that the mission's representatives made revenge for its leaders to avenge the murders by burning several villages and killing one. part of the residents.

A climate-friendly report came during the year from the island of Bougainville, where it succeeded in replacing diesel with coconut oil as a vehicle fuel. Small home refineries have grown up producing both fuel and cooking oil and coconut soap.

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