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Yearbook 2007

Peru. The most overwhelming event in Peru during the year was that 69-year-old former president Alberto Fujimori was extradited from Chile in September, where he surprisingly arrived in 2005 after five years of exile in Japan to stand for presidential election in Peru in 2006. According to CountryAAH, Fujimori was immediately placed in a special prison outside Lima. The deciding factor for the Chilean court's decision was the evidence in the case of the massacres of La Cantuta and Barrios Altos carried out by paramilitary Squadron Colina with Fujimori as the ultimate responsible. He faces 30 years in prison for his participation in the act. He is also charged with violations of human rights, bribery, illegal telephone interception and having known several kidnappings and disappearances during his ten-year presidential term between 1990 and 2000.

2007 Peru

Already on December 12, the first verdict against Fujimori fell. Peru's highest court then sentenced him to six years in prison and the equivalent of $ 135,000 in fines for abuse of power in connection with the events in 2000 that led to his departure and escape. About a quarter of the electoral corps still supports Fujimori.

For President Alan García, Fujimori's return meant both a triumph and a burden. Fujimori himself stated in 1992 that he wanted the then fugitive García back to Peru "dead or alive", and now the roles were changed. On the other hand, García is politically dependent on Fujimori's support party Alianza para el Futuro, in which Fujimori's daughter Keiko plays a leading role. García's major political project during the year was otherwise the so-called Pacific Arch (Arco Pacífico), a block of countries along America's west coast from Canada to Chile, which García wants to see as an opportunity instead of ALBA (the Bolivian alternative for the American countries) launched by Venezuela's Hugo Chávez.

A major earthquake that measured 7.9 on the Richter scale hit southern Peru on August 15. Over 500 people lost their lives and 80,000 became homeless in the Ica agricultural region, and several large aftershocks also killed victims. The worst hit was the city of Pisco, where 300 people died and 85 percent of the city's buildings were destroyed, among others. the multi-hundred-year-old church of San Clemente.

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