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Yearbook 2007

Tanzania. According to CountryAAH, Foreign Minister Asha-Rose Migiro was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the UN in February. She had been Foreign Minister for just one year, before that she was responsible for rural development, gender equality and children's rights for four years.

2007 Tanzania

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on Tanzania to suspend the banishment of up to 60,000 people of Rwandan origin and an unknown number with a background in Burundi. The ban began in 2006 and, according to Tanzania, affects people who have illegally resided in the country. However, many of those affected have lived in Tanzania all their lives and have previously been considered citizens. HRW criticized the indiscriminate selection methods and the often brusque treatment of those displaced.

Tanzania - Dodoma


Dodoma, capital of Tanzania; 190,600 residents (2012). Founded during the German colonial period, Dodoma became an important railway hub in the 1910s. To mark the crime of the colonial past and the anchorage in the countryside, the government decided in 1973 to move the capital from Dar es-Salaam, which would, however, remain the country's commercial center. However, the transfer of ministries and other official functions has been slow and is not yet complete.

Dodoma is the center of a sparsely populated agricultural area and is a market town for products such as peanuts, corn, rice and wheat and also has some lighter industry.

There are two universities in the city: St. John's University of Tanzania, run by the Anglican Church, and the State University of Dodoma. Good connections are found with Arusha, Dar es-Salaam and Tanga.


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