A Nude? a Sports Roses? Miranda Kerr Also Conquers The Reebok

Miranda Kerr It is the model desired by the brands. Every day that passes it represents a new contract with her image. After becoming the new Wonderbra woman and be signing star h & M for spring Miranda Kerr gets to cheer with the sportswear of the hand of Reebok. She triumphs with little but if over nude for advertisement then success is assured.

Reebok not want to miss the rise of sports fashion mixed with street fashion for every day and for this Miranda Kerr is ideal as image.

The sports Skyscape Forever Reebok fit with almost everything if more formal line within the sport but at the same time keeping the own sporty touch. In bright colors and a sole characteristic. Ideal for contrasting with any cowboy or shorts.

Dave Myers is in charge of the television campaign where Miranda Kerr nude on your floor to the shower, where forgets to remove the sports until the last second (the Reebok slogan is “Remember to take off your shoes”, appealing to the comfort of these). A dramatic move that has already attracted attention to Reebok and the much-desired model.

Campaign images Gilles Bensimon undertakes to portray Miranda Kerr in bed and on a massage table. Again without clothes, and with sports like stars.

Sneakers are available on the American website of Reebok 64,99 dollars. In three colors: Fuchsia, mauve and black.

Reebok already knows quite well to Miranda Kerr. The Australian model starred in a campaign for them in 2012 with yoga as chosen sport.

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