Adriana Abascal Attends The Giambattista Valli Fashion Show Wearing a Robe That Had to Die of Love to The Footballer Rappel

To go to the ready-to-wear parade for the autumn-winter 2016-2017 Designer Giambattista Valli, held this afternoon on the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week, model and Mexican producer Adriana Abascal It arose to the event wearing a spectacular tunic with one brocaded fabric all embroidered with sequins forming a kind of Byzantine mosaic.

Actually it was rather a rounded shoulder jacket, No neck, opened at the Center, sleeved midi with fists and the ornate reefer low with Wolf skin. Seen closely, it seemed the ride of a bullfighter Cape or tunic of the Empress Theodora. Colorful reefer has been granted for the occasion by Teté by Odette.

The garment was so cumbersome, Adriana put it with a sweater neck turned color Garnet of Tommy Hilfiger and with trousers skinny style Tuxedo with a live-satin Garnet of the same tone than the jersey of Sandro Paris. Hanging from the neck wearing a pendentif figure of a Silver elephant with the raised trunk – that you know that it is a talisman that gives good luck – signed by jewelry designer Sabine Brouillet.

The whole Accesorizando a clutch of enamel Burgundy, the same tone as the jersey, with silver matching shoes of Manolo Blahnik. We must recognize that the Miss Universe converted into artist aspiring was cañona though, that Yes: before dead simple!

Safe to Rappel had approved the modeluqui with an outstanding, right? Because you know that the architect behind this outlook is not another sinus Luis Medina Abascal.