Advertising, Fashion and Bloggers Face to Face on The Second Day of The Second Conference on Fashion Blogs

Diane Pernet

The first day of the II Conference on fashion blogs left me feeling that talked about all the time at the end of marketing; fashion did not appear. He hoped that in the second day This change of venue. The general feeling was positive except for some special cases which seemed embarrassing. On Twitter I was commenting on each Conference.

As a curiosity, a responsible for certain brand which I will not mention said with another business partner: “ I am learning a lot from these days. It seems that they are more intended for us as brands than blogs“. This feeling then commented it with some known and also took it for good, not to mention that there were very interesting moments.

“ Where is going the formation of fashion: the future is online? & #8221;

An interesting start to the second day at an early hour (10:15), which managed to gather a few people in a home. The talk was represented by Nilgin Yusuf, Director of Programmes in Media, Graduate School London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, and by Isabel Berz, Director of the school of fashion of the European Institute of design.

The sensations transmitted by both women is that the process of formation in fashion continues to grow every day, seeks a specialization for different types of profiles that can go from photographers to visual artists with video as a tool, designers, etc. It is a race in the long run that is constantly evolving, with a frantic changes in recent years. Basics: know English, have initiative and creativity. And the patience, of course.

“ Blogger ethics: advertising, sources and rights & #8221;

The second talk was very well thought out if we see it from a point of view: awaken the public that I were still opening eyes. Any other attempt to get something positive out of this talk would be in vain. It seemed to me a shame from start to finish.

An interesting issue as ethics, rights and advertising led the practice with a misleading speech, with large sales of smoke from all those represented at the table and with a transmission of illogical ideas today in a sector like this.

Input, the lawyer Javier Prenafeta acted as a absent moderator that said even this mouth is mine no taught us what is legal or illegal in the field of advertising, something that should have come out as a basic point. Not everything goes in advertising. Especially in the tough world of the sponsored post where is legislation so diffuse. Warn whenever there are, or not notify that you are a paid post? That should have been commented by the lawyer. With a simple comment like the one Martin Códax made in Bloguismo it would have been enough.

On the part of Jaime Vargas the speech reached at times fees a worrying cheap surrealism. He represented to Unity Web network, known Agency of marketing online that many of there present had used them. His message centered on one word: & #8220;professionalization“. For this supposed “ professionalization ” blogs would have to unite among themselves, create a community, escape PR campaigns without investment, to improve SEO, a tracking, etc. Measures that go beyond the simple plugin for Blogspot. If it manages to justify the investment to advertisers, at the same time carried out long-term with special strategies, blog gains value against advertising, getting more benefit and therefore would get that so-called “ professionalization & #8221;.

Up to here some more or less successful ideas that we could accept or reject with nuances. The problem came when several quoted Jaime Vargas sponsored posts as “ evil ” or “ horror ” which gives a negative value to the blog. Among those posts he included one of our colleagues from Embelezzia, which I remember to put as a positive example. Here erred shot in a disgraceful way. This post was not sponsored. With a minimum of knowledge by the network of Weblogs SL would be that these posts are not allowed except in the clubs of each blog, which specifies clearly which are actions along with the brands. It is feasible that someone who gives a talk in public before an audience so can err thus discrediting to the blog of the day. Other examples in this section also sparked more than one critique.

But the funny thing was when some known told me the tactics he used his agency with blogs price offered, the measures avoid to say that some sponsored posts are such. When I learned of this already directly I eliminated any hint of credibility of the talk that was listening.

On the part of Beatriz Vera Poseck, Blogger and editor of the online magazine Atelier (a very interesting project), the speech is not that much improving. And here is when I was most surprised by talk. Faced with the “ professional ” previously commented, Vera Poseck talked about how now the blog is a means to achieve something, When before was a purpose just. Also spoke with wisdom from three types of advertising that she sees: banner, paid content and offer experiences, the latter is the future for her, while the paid is hell (despite the fact that Yes appears on the blog of the journal). Experiences from the point of view of the brands by organizing trips, parties, etc. for bloggers. That provide more than just a simple ad and thus will be more successful.

All that is great and I agree with him but when he said that blogs should not carry advertising or sponsored content believed for a moment had been disconnected and I had gone from journey to the worlds of yuppie. Thus was achieved greater independence, greater … da same, not worth playing something. This sat badly many people as far as I could see later in private conversations. They told her that then why his magazine carried advertising, to which he replied that the magazine is something different from the blog.

Turn the power off and let’s go. Little is surreal. Clear that the magazine is different. For it is the main thing and need advertising to sustain this idea and keep it in the future. Something logical and normal. Then his blog, with two bags in each hand, it remains in the background and can afford to not have advertising and sell the bucolic ideal advertising avoiding independence and blablablabla. Please, we are children to believe us this.

At the end I’ve extended me more than I wanted to about the topic but I could not avoid. I leave many other things but better discuss them calmly in a post apart. The issue of independence, advertising and blogs is very delicate to say according to what.

“ Experiences of large chains in the environment online & #8221;

The vision of the world of brands that commented in a home increased with this talk. From my point of view, very interesting to learn a single fact: the brands don’t pay bloggers in almost any joint action. Only with that note made by part of Mango y Stradivarius already seemed very valid.

Stradivarius was represented by Marta Pedruelo, Image and communication, and Judith Lawrence Soler, Coordinator of press, PR, Stradivarius and responsible of Stradivas Blog. Both told how is your communication strategy and how to use blogs and social networks to make a profit in the face of the brand. All their actions are focused on egobloggers, fact that according to some known also occupied much of the Conference, with the impression that bloggers were in the background.

Through different festivals, contests and other ideas have gained good acceptance. Blog Stradivas blending editorial content with fashion content based on recommendations, ideas, and other common issues in this sector. As happens with the handle. It is a communication platform for brands.

Carolina Ribalta, Online Communications Coordinator of Mango, explained the same thing with your Keep the Beat or the different campaigns that have been launched so far with bloggers. Also confirmed that Andy Torres would be your next it girl and that we will see her in the fall-winter 2011 campaign / 2012.

It is curious to hear how brands such as Stradivarius and Mango have a “ budget 0 ” for these initiatives but then there is money to pay Scarlett Johansson or the model of the moment. Curious, when not worrying. This should change soon.

“ Roundtable with the International Guest Diane Pernet & #8221;

Diane Pernet It is one of those quirky icons of the fashion world. Respected by many, read by few (his blog is 300,000 unique users per month, tiny to be who is) and with a special vision of fashion. Through the various questions that were asking different bloggers rightly French was explaining his life, his vision of fashion, his way of working and a host of anecdotes that would deserve a post apart.

I prefer the idea of searching for something unique, although that is also a search bucolic that often has to remain compatible with the reader really wants to read. And the latter is not precisely the blog of Diane Pernet. Ultimately, Diane Pernet there are only a few and as such have to hear them being aware that.

The round table was composed by: Mariló García de Yonomeaburro, Patricia Rodríguez de Shopaholic, Marina Conde de Elvestidordelacondesa and Xavi, Xaviworld Rebes.

“ Presentation of the project Bloggers Exchange Program & #8221;

The blogger scene has more initiatives by person that any mortal could imagine. Many already are designers, have online stores, are responsible for any brand … was missing a travel project as he presented yesterday the organizers of the Conference along with the experiences of Anne Corrons of the blog MesvitrinesNYC and Prendaspublicas Elizabeth Oria.

The website (which is in the process of maintenance) you can get in touch with other bloggers from different cities, interact with them, organize a trip to their respective cities and enjoy them thanks to the help of bloggers who live there.

“ Successful formats: videoblogs and communities & #8221;

This Conference was the most interesting sessions. Impressive how to communicate in Bethlehem Canalejo b to fashion. Almost time to take air and keep talking. A real barrage of experiences, recommendations and ideas put into practice. He told us how he began, became more popular and gave the good news that is almost begun to live blog and everything that surrounds him; something many bloggers dream.

Gabriel Aldamiz-Echevarría He told how began Chicisimo, streetstyle portal. An interesting initiative that is improving little by little and to avoid basing their traffic on SEO, which only gives you 5% of the overall computation. Soon will offer us better data obtained from the looks that go up as what are the most fashionable colors (the first is black and then white), brands, etc.

“ Luxury in the environment online & #8221;

Other conferences that more start was the one that dealt with luxury experience, sociologist Hope bows and the designer Nicolas Vaudelet. Between the two is they blended nicely, with a curious Spanish since she had forgotten him and he was learning it.

According to hope bows the luxury market has in Internet a perfect means of communication to publicize their products to buyers, who have first access to them, in a complementary manner with boutiques, which are still very much alive. In addition they have to promote their e-commerce shops to combat sales of imitations of their products on other websites.

Nicolas Vaudelet also made a brief introduction about his professional life so far (Dior Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier …) and laughingly told us the draft of its new luxury brand after passing by The horse. It is yet to realize and missed to finish the final details. It advanced us that this new eponymous brand would have half of French and Spanish inspiration, as his new life (now lives in Seville). Vaudelet is a great, fun, close, more friendly than any and enormous talent.

“ Buy VIP Award winner best national Blog chosen by the public & #8221;

The winning blog of the Buy VIP Award to the Best national Blog chosen by the public in the blog of the Conference it was Pandora’s closet. The second blog was B fashion (my favorite of the finalists) and the third was Gossip Fashion Week. Congratulations!

We say goodbye to this way of the second edition of the Conference on fashion blogs with a positive feeling overall. Not all the talks can be just as good or it can be heard only what you want. The work of the Organization has been very good in a second delivery, which still implies a State of very big growth ahead. Facing a third you Polish some topics and I would add others but that will be done over time and with the course of the next few days.

It is impossible to achieve the perfect formula. Even less so in the second installment. The initiative is very good and should keep trusting in it.

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