Ask These 5 Questions Before You Dispose of an Outfit

No matter if you will donate, lend for an indefinite period of time, or simply play out, the investment in clothing should be taken seriously, after all it is your money that is going down the drain if the piece was little used, or if the need arises to buy another similar later, so before you take any of these decisions, ask yourself:

Ask These 5 Questions Before You Dispose of an Outfit

1 – The hype has passed, but does it matter?

Much of what we use today, especially in the male fashion, not very much depends on trends and seasonality, you will not get rid of a pair of chino’s just because she went through a hype 6 months ago. Classic pieces can stay on the radar of fashionistas for some time, but this does not exclude them from our wardrobe and daily functional when the fashion passes.

2 – Can I retire or adjust this piece?

You have a twill pants with a great fitting, but nauseated of color? So before you delete it from your looks search and the possibility of tingí it. If the problem is with trim, see before you a seamstress or tailor and find out if it is possible to improve it without spending a lot, most of the time really worth it.

Note: we have Already shown the good that the work of a tailor can do in this post.

3 – This outfit can be re-trend?

“Fashion is cyclical”. Surely you’ve heard this phrase a few times and just observe the history of men’s clothing to see just how much she is correct, because even the fanny pack are trying to bring back (vade retro!). One of the saddest things is to play something that was in good condition outside, only to see that item return to fashion little time after, that is why if you update on trends and developments in the universe of fashion can allow you to save some money!

4 – Can I use this item on specific occasions?

Sometimes the clothing is there and stop as soon as you pass the strand before there is a commitment whose dress code allows their use. Bow-ties are a good example: many guys buy waiting for a sign from god to use them and end up desanimando, since it can’t fit them in your daily life, but simply donate them to a friend to appear in a special occasion where they would be perfect. Before taking any action try to anticipate these occasions.

5 – Already make use of this piece?

It is also common to think of the disposal of an outfit not to be able to make new combinations with it and be sick of the old ones. In this case it is again the tip of the item 3: gain knowledge about fashion, search for sites of inspiration such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Polyvore or Lookbook.naked is on the inside of the postings, and try to imagine how the options that are emerging can be combined with this specific item. A good example of this are the white tennis shoes, 6 years ago you only would try to combine it with jeans, today there are several applications of this wildcard in the day-to-day of the man.


Author’s note:

I’m not going to lie, already donated many things by not knowing what to do with them, but has also saved several pieces that I use till today by making these 5 questions before you pass them on, they can be decisive especially when the outfit has a certain sentimental value, or cost very expensive, and the possibility of buying another equal is distance.