Audrey, Take Me with You to Rome and Make Me Dream of Those Days

50 years met film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 50 years which have not gone in vain to our history but to this film. Following generations and the following see her, admire her, love her. On the occasion of this anniversary, and as a tribute to Audrey and her humanitarian work for Unicef, Rome hosts again what a figure of enormous eyes and sharp features of Audrey Hepburn. It does so with the exhibition Audrey in Rome.

This week opens this particular tribute to women that all have wished to be at some point, the mad and unhappy Holly who was looking for his love of gold and found a real one.

The photographic exhibition collects 25 years of personal and professional life of Audrey in Rome with special attention to the “stolen” images of paparazzi. Since the filming of “Holiday in Rome”, “War and peace” and “The nun’s story” a snapshot of his daily life in Rome and his activities as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

For Luca Dotti, son of the actress and curator of the exhibition:

I also knew many of these photos. When we started, we not believed that we would find so many, it was a surprise”

where? In the Museum Ara Pacis in Rome until December 4. And if you do not want or you can go to the beautiful city, you can get the book “Audrey in Rome” published by Mondadori since yesterday.