Bangladesh 2007

According to ezinereligion, in 2007, Bangladesh had an estimated population of over 140 million people, composed of multiple ethnic groups including Bengalis and Muslims. The official language was Bengali. The economy was largely based on services and industry, as well as agriculture. In terms of foreign relations, Bangladesh had close ties with its neighbors in the region such as India and Myanmar. It also maintained diplomatic relations with several other countries such as the United States, China and Japan. Politically, Bangladesh was a parliamentary republic led by Prime Minister Khaleda Zia since 2001. She remained in power until 2008 when she was replaced by Sheikh Hasina Wajed who is still in power today.

Yearbook 2007

Bangladesh. Political unrest in January led to the canceled parliamentary elections being canceled. The promises made in December 2006 on revised electoral votes did not satisfy the opposition, which claimed that the departed government had prepared extensive electoral fraud. The complaints had such strong credibility that the EU decided not to send any observer group. After extensive street protests, President Iajuddin Ahmed left the temporary job as head of government and handed over the responsibility to interimistically lead the country to former Governor of the Governor Fakhruddin Ahmed. At the same time, a state of emergency was announced.

Now was a time of settlement with the corrupt political leaders who disgraced Bangladesh. Dozens of leading politicians were arrested and prosecuted, among them a large number of former ministers. The campaign against corruption and political mismanagement was developed in an attempt to dismantle the leadership dynasties that ruled the country during much of its independence. The two former prime ministers Khaleda Zia and Hasina Wajed were arrested and charged with corruption, Wajed also for murdering political opponents. Both were denied freedom from the bail. However, a first message that both would be forced into exile was withdrawn without further explanation by the interim government after a few days. Two sons of Khaleda Zia were also arrested.

  • According to abbreviationfinder: BD is the 2-letter acronym for the country of Bangladesh.

The fact that the country was put under military control in practice demonstrated to Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Moin Ahmed, who in several public statements attacked the “political class” which only caused the country harm. He also said that “we do not want to return to a chosen democracy”.

According to CountryAAH, Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. The interim government said that general elections can be held at the earliest in late 2008. Before that, a new electoral law must be adopted and voting lengths thoroughly revised. In September, restrictions on political activities were eased and the parties were allowed to open their offices again. The Awami Union announced internal rule changes to deprive leader Hasina Wajed of her almost unrestricted power.

Bangladesh Dhaka Places to Visit

In March, six Islamic extremists were convicted of murdering two judges in 2005. A former minister was sentenced to 31 years in prison for supporting the Islamists.

In July, the first direct railway line to India was opened since Bangladesh became independent in 1971. The same month, an agreement was signed with Burma on a joint road construction intended to be part of a future trans-Asian highway.

Shipyard Ananda Shipyards Shipways Ltd received orders from two German shipping companies in April for a total of eight container vessels, worth USD 100 million. It was described as the country’s largest export order to date.

Bangladesh weather in March, April and May

Average daily temperatures between 31 ° C and 35 ° C can be expected over the next three months. It gets warmest in April in Dhaka, a little cooler in March in Chittagong.

Do you want to go on a beach holiday? The water temperatures are in March, April and May 26-29 ° C. This is great weather for a great time on the beach and in the water.

You can expect around 2 days of rainfall in March, around 6 days in April and around 11 days in May.

In the period from March to May, the sun shines on average between 0 and 8 hours a day. The sunniest weather is in March in Dhaka, with less sun you have to get by in March in Chittagong.