Behind The Scenes: At The Lookbook Shoot For The New Denim Label “DAWN”

Denim labels are as the sand by the sea – but one thing belongs in the future behind our spoon written: DAWN. A jeans label, which is therefore not only with fairly high-quality denim pieces, but even on sustainability and even produced: Without detours, exploitation and bad conscience. Three friends, an idea, a label. And who now believes the whole thing would be pretty priceless has not properly understood the three creators definitely: less production grinding and even fewer fingers in the game mean namely above all one thing: lower costs. And so can afford soon actually a piece of DAWN.

Where does the idea come from, who’s behind DAWN at all, which means dawn and why we us off have the spot fell in love with the newcomer label – all that you can learn more in our great behind the scenes of the photoshoot for the first, soon to be released Lookbook of DAWN and of course in the interview of the creators itself.

Do we present? DAWN – the niegelnagelneue denim label with responsibility.

A traditional material is a new way, so similar we could describe the vision of designer Ines, with factory operator Marian and gumption Gabriel. A heart project, which was created from years of experience and was rammed by creators from the ground, which are all friends. DAWN – dawn or new beginning – is taken literally. The new denim, that with the upcoming winter collection 2014 want to impress us, with on the way will give a good conscience us and take photos of our head.

This the denim material is not necessarily new thought, but treated simply from scratch. Textiles from Japan meet at a production company in Vietnam and are made there at what makes DAWN. A product that looks not only high quality, but is produced also with very much head.

Made is not any company in Vietnam, but in Marians. The co-founder of DAWN already lived there for about six years and knows the business. “Thanks to the factory we of course have the possibility to make the production more transparent. Marian has an own factory, that we can use in Vietnam. And there we have complete freedom of action. There we can easily control the working and living conditions and offering a global product that focuses just on sustainability – including working conditions, living conditions, and environmental factors.“

Always with a vision: A great product that is transparent.

DAWN knows his staff and makes different that what we just don’t hear from Bangladesh: fair production conditions, appreciation, and a very natural together.

Two of the makers: Gabriel and Ines.

Why the whole thing?

All three have arrived at a point where they said for themselves that they no longer want to consume without sense, but strengthen the consciousness want. “we need to make our contribution to – so that it is good for the environment and for me. And maybe you can thus improve little.“

But what about DAWN actually?

Denim denim is denim is – not. The peculiarity lies in the quality and detail – and it seems to have concentrated the label. Copper strands are only revealed after the inside out. Gradients are discovered only upon closer on the jeans and ecologically sound leather gets through the very deliberate usage equal to much more attention. A piece of clothing has us particularly done: the Blouson – who comes right at DAWN in several designs and convinced both of the inner lining of the design itself, from processing and from the seat.

Prices? That start at 100 euros for a simple Blue Jeans and get up to €250 for fancier and more expensive pieces.

“For us, we have found that the perfect jeans is missing – this a model. Just a good product at a good price. A little bit sexy, a bit effortless than others. And then came the DAWN. We don’t take us seriously and like to see us with a wink of the eye. We want that our model laughs. The girl with there a consciousness us along the way. A way of life. Carefree, easy and still determined. Honestly and authentically.“

Jane Wayne: you can show every step?

We can of course documents, where all pieces of the puzzle come from. But we would of course work on ourselves and want all of our fabrics from a still closer circle to come. So that the paths are shorter and less water is consumed. It is a process and we have not all perfect solutions ready. Certain textiles come from Japan, others from the States – because we want to have a perfect product of course.

Security for employees and environmental aspects are in the foreground. We want to be transparent and continue to work on our vision.

But we would in the future work, to have part substances with engineer and active in the process. Sometimes they are completely banal things, we need to work on: we have in the factory the other day for example ensured, you there with the light switch at the same time take photos of all lights and illuminated even unused areas, but builds up just several light switch. And as a result we have created a giant effect ever – we save 50 percent electricity. And so goes ’ s more.


Jane Wayne: you have chosen of course one of the most polluting pieces of clothing you with denim. How tries to work her yet environmentally friendly?

Ines: we have specialised in cotton not only organic or organic. She in turn must namely be grown in very warm climates, and has a very high demand for water. We pay more attention that certain chemicals are not used – any spraying do not come into question, such as, for example, this silver finish or leather coating. This is harmful to the spraying it for the wearer and the environment. Looking for us so someone from Japan, just working with metallic threads. The optics is although different, for it is not harmful. We completely waive sandblasting and use of laser technology. And these are just a few examples.

Conditions improve rather than merely to demonize.

“we need to show a willingness to spend money again for textiles. A five euro garment cannot be right. And that clearly must all be“

“we would like to support social projects in Vietnam by DAWN and started to promote a sewing school, and assigning jobs. But this is only the beginning. We want to keep our users regularly posted on our site and show them honest, what we do and how we work. There everything is transparently prepared and updated. We grow with our project and are happy as never before.“


DAWN is not organic yet organic but effectively and ensures a process. A reasonable production set up and rethinking the production conditions are just the beginning.

Long-term goal of three: to weave. Wash and sew themselves, soon it should go on – with a menswear collection.

The online store will start

In June. And then you can test your DAWN itself. We keep all fingers crossed the three creators for their launch with her baby in any case and hope to hear soon very much of them. We are looking forward!

To the people:

Gabriel was for many years at Marc’O Polo and has led the men’s Department there. Started his fashion career but earlier – at Esprit.

INES has studied fashion design in Florence and following textile design in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Then went blood brothers and sisters, and until recently she was head of design at Tom Tailor in Hamburg.

Marian worked only in shopping for a department store and moved eight years ago in Turkey. Six years ago was to Vietnam, to start a production company there.