Bella Hadid, The Hermanisima of Gigi Hadid and New Face of Fashion, Dresses Also Comfortable at Christmas

Bella Hadid is the little sister of Gigi Hadid, one of the new faces of fashion and social networking, as it could not be otherwise. Both have gone out to do some Christmas shopping and not have resisted more comfortable clothes from her wardrobe to choose the best way each gift that will give this evening to the family. Bella also velvet likes, something very Christmas.

Despite the discrepancy about the beauty of Bella, the truth is that she is playing the game of fashion charts. To exit shopping in New York Choose a top of neck become velvet Bordeaux, same tone than your bag of skin. One of the barbarians of the look are his Levis vintage high-waisted with a break at the knee and the motor black boots. Like the style and beauty of the little sister’s? Gigi Hadid?