Benetton Committed to Music and Young Blood for His Campaign Autumn/Winter 2013

For the fashion of autumn/winter 2013 campaign, United Colors of Benetton has chosen music to say that the future of the world is in the union of diversity – of people, cultures and sounds-. Sky Ferreira, Chloe Nørgaard, Lily McMenamy, Soo Joo Park, Theophilus London and Louis Simonon pose before the camera of Mikael Jansson with the brand trends for this spring/summer 2013 season

The new campaign speaks of good vibrations of six young characters, who are already icons of fashion and music, and that through their own musical souls get to be themselves, share experiences and communicate with the world.

The choice of the center of the campaign is not casual but that they are the future of the world of music and fashion. They may be the best-known Sky Ferreira, the it girl of the world of music and fashion that has been involved with firms like Saint Laurent and Givenchy, Theophilus London, whose music is known internationally and his foray into the world of fashion has nearly the same success that his musical career and Lily McMenamy, the 18 model that also stars Marc Jacobs campaign for this autumn/winter 2013.

Even so, it must not lose sight of the other three, the model Chloe Nørgaard and its characteristic multicolored hair, the South Korean aged 27 Soo Joo Park, that combines his career in the world of fashion with his role as a musical (has a group with a friend from University) and Louis Simonon, son of Paul Simonon, bassist of the Clash. Louis and his brother Claude made their way quickly in the world of fashion and music. Louis as a model career began in 2009 when I starred in the cover of the magazine Dazed & Confused.

In short, young people with personality that embody the spirit of the collection autumn/winter 2013 Benetton(how could it be less talking about Benetton) in which we find many point and skinny Scottish patterned pants or leather shirts.