Benin 2007

According to ezinereligion, in 2007, Benin had an estimated population of over 8 million people, composed of multiple ethnic groups including Fon, Yoruba and Bariba. The official language was French, but several other languages were also spoken. The economy was largely based on agriculture and industry, as well as exports of cotton and cashew nuts. In terms of foreign relations, Benin had close ties with its neighbors in the region such as Nigeria and Togo. It also maintained diplomatic relations with several other countries such as the United States, China and France. Politically, Benin was a parliamentary democracy led by President Thomas Boni Yayi since 2006 until his resignation in 2016. Following his resignation Patrice Talon became president in 2016 and is still in power today.

Yearbook 2007

Benin. According to CountryAAH, Porto-Novo is the capital city of Benin. The Kauri forces of an emerging Benin, an alliance of about twenty parties supporting the new President Boni Yayi, received 35 of Parliament’s 83 seats in the March 31 election. A smaller alliance around former President Nicéphore Soglo was given 20 seats. The former military dictatorship and the one-party Marxist state of Benin are often cited as a democratic example in Africa, but the arrangements surrounding the elections have often been flawed. So this time too, when the election has to be postponed for a week due to poor preparation.

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Shortly before the election, President Boni was subjected to a murder attempt when a vehicle column he was traveling in was shot. Several members of the party were injured, but the president escaped. The perpetrators remained unknown.

Benin weather in March, April and May

Daily temperatures averaging 31 to 32 ° C are to be expected over the next three months. The temperatures hardly fluctuate during this time.

Do you want to go on a beach holiday? The water temperatures are in March, April and May 28-29 ° C. This is great weather for a great time on the beach and in the water.

The expected rainfall is around 4 days in March, around 7 days in April and around 11 days in May.

In the period from March to May, the sun shines an average of 7 hours a day.