Blair Waldorf Was a Visionary and Then Already Sported Cheatings on Their Nights out

There was a day in which a such Blair Waldorf (aka Queen B.) It was the most feared of the Upper East Side and everything she said, had been or was going to mass. AIS, which those times in which Gossip Girl accompanied our days! Looks fresh, original, bold, glamorous and… visionaries? That seems, because in a fit of melancholy, I started to see again their seasons and when you reach the fourth I found a chapter (4 x 09 The Witches Of Bushwick) where Blair sheathed appeared in a red cheatings to go to a party. But, isn’t that the trend that is petando it today?

Well, Yes, think firms are inspired in the collection autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 of Louis Vuitton (among others) and this was inspired by the American series. How is this Marc Jacobs! And although its version is much more risky (the color red with black is striking), today we can find many models that Join us on the street bed.

Zara, the King of the urban lingerie

And if we want to try with This trend and we do not know where to go, we can say that Zara It has many offer (of course). Smooth models, other prints, short, long, cut… thinking one way and the! see materialized in one of its hangers!

  • Black, 25.95 euros.
  • Pictures, 79,95 EUR.
  • In lead, smooth grey and in detail of lace in the Netherlands, 29.95 euros.
  • Long Plaid, 89,95 EUR.