Camden County, North Carolina Weather

Camden County is located in the state of North Carolina in the United States. It is situated on the northeastern coast of the state, bordering Currituck County to the north and Pasquotank County to the south. The county seat is Elizabeth City, and Camden County covers an area of approximately 242 square miles. According to the 2010 United States Census, Camden County had a population of 14,105 people.

According to, the history of Camden County dates back to 1777 when it was formed from parts of Currituck and Pasquotank counties. The county was named after Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden who was a British lawyer, politician, and Whig leader during the 18th century. During World War II, a German U-boat sunk several ships off the coast of Elizabeth City in 1942. This event is commemorated by a memorial at Elizabeth City’s waterfront park.

The attractions in Camden County are numerous and include parks such as Waterfront Park in Elizabeth City which offers fishing piers, picnic areas and boat ramps; Dismal Swamp Canal Trail where visitors can enjoy nature trails and bird watching; and Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge which features hiking trails that wind through marshlands teeming with wildlife. Other attractions include museums such as Museum of Albemarle which houses artifacts from local maritime history; Dismal Swamp State Park with its boardwalk over wetlands; Newbegun Creek Wildlife Sanctuary for canoeing or kayaking; and historic sites like Fort Huger which served as a military fort during World War II.

Famous people from Camden County include former NFL player Keith Bulluck who graduated from Northeastern High School in 1997; composer Ellen Taaffe Zwilich who studied at Elizabeth City State University; singer-songwriter Ryan Adams who attended West Carteret High School; jazz musician Roy Hargrove who grew up in Elizabeth City; former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Henry Frye who was born in Aberdeen Township; actor/director Robert Townsend who attended South Mills High School; and author/screenwriter Frank Deasy whose novel “The Snake” was set in Camden County.

Climate and weather in Camden County, North Carolina

According to, the climate in Camden County, North Carolina is classified as humid subtropical. This means that summers are hot and humid with temperatures reaching up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while winters are mild with temperatures rarely falling below freezing. The county receives an average of 46 inches of rain annually, with the most rainfall occurring in the months of June and July. Snowfall is rare, but does occur from time to time.

The weather in Camden County varies greatly throughout the year. Spring is generally warm and sunny with temperatures ranging from the mid 50’s to low 70’s. Rainfall is usually minimal during this season, although thunderstorms can occur during late spring and early summer months. Summer in Camden County is hot and humid with temperatures reaching up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit on some days. Heavy rains are common during this season and can cause flooding if not monitored or addressed quickly. Fall brings cooler temperatures and a decrease in rainfall with highs in the mid-70’s and lows around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter months tend to be mild with temperatures rarely falling below freezing, although snowfall does occasionally occur during this season as well.

Camden County experiences a variety of extreme weather events throughout the year including hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail storms, heat waves, frost advisories and drought conditions. Residents should stay informed on current weather conditions by listening to local news stations or visiting the National Weather Service website for more detailed information about possible hazardous weather events that may affect their area of residence. It is also important for residents to take precautions such as stocking up on emergency supplies like water, non-perishable food items and flashlights so they are prepared for any severe weather situation that may arise.

Transportation in Camden County, North Carolina

Camden County, North Carolina offers a variety of transportation options for its residents. The county is served by the U.S. Highway 17, which runs through the center of the county and provides access to nearby cities and towns. The county also has several state highways that provide access to other areas of the county and surrounding areas. Public transportation in Camden County is provided by Coastal Area Transit (CAT) which offers bus routes to various locations in the area. CAT also provides a Dial-a-Ride service for those with disabilities or unable to access traditional public transit options.

For those who prefer to drive their own vehicle, Camden County has several gas stations and car repair shops throughout the area as well as several parking garages and lots located in various parts of the county. The nearest major airport is Wilmington International Airport located about an hour away from Camden County, with other smaller regional airports located within 30 minutes of the county as well. Amtrak serves Camden County with two stops, one in Elizabeth City and one in Manteo, both about an hour away from Camden County’s main population center of Camden Town.

For those looking for more recreational means of transportation, Camden County offers several bike paths for bicyclists to explore the area while enjoying some fresh air and exercise. Boating is also popular in the area with many marinas offering boat slips as well as boat rentals available for visitors looking to explore local waterways like Albemarle Sound or Pamlico River at their own pace. For those looking for an eco-friendly option, electric scooters are available throughout many parts of Camden County offering a convenient way to get around without having to worry about parking or traffic congestion.

Cities and towns in Camden County, North Carolina

Camden County, North Carolina is comprised of several cities and towns that offer a variety of amenities for residents and visitors alike. Camden Town is the county’s largest city and serves as the seat of government for Camden County. Located on the banks of the Pasquotank River, Camden Town features a historic downtown area with many shops, restaurants, and other businesses. The city also features a waterfront park that provides access to boat launches and other recreational activities along the river.

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, South Mills is another city within Camden County located just west of Camden Town. South Mills offers a small-town atmosphere with many locally owned shops and restaurants in its historic downtown area. The city also has several parks including the South Mills National Historic District which features old homes dating back to the 19th century as well as a nature trail along the banks of Pasquotank River.

Elizabeth City is located in northeastern Camden County right on the border with Pasquotank County. The city boasts an array of attractions such as Waterfront Park which offers spectacular views of Albemarle Sound, Elizabeth City State University, numerous museums, maritime centers, and much more. Elizabeth City also serves as an important transportation hub for Coastal Area Transit (CAT) providing access to various locations throughout the county by bus or Dial-a-Ride service for those with disabilities or unable to access traditional public transit options.

Shiloh is another town located in western Camden County that offers visitors a unique rural experience with plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, kayaking in nearby rivers, fishing spots along Albemarle Sound, a local winery tour and much more. The town also features several small locally owned shops selling handmade goods from local artisans making it an ideal destination for those looking to take home some unique souvenirs from their visit to Camden County.

Camden County also has several unincorporated communities such as Grandy which offers visitors historic sites like Stumpy Point Lighthouse built in 1858 or Harbinger which boasts beautiful beaches along Albemarle Sound making it an ideal spot for swimming or sunbathing during summer months. No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for there’s something for everyone in Camden County’s cities and towns.