Cameroon 2007

Yearbook 2007

Cameroon. A campaign against corruption that started in 2006 after pressure from donors began to produce results. After three major trials, a number of former senior officials, most related to the ruling party RDPC, were sentenced to imprisonment for up to 50 years for extensive misappropriation of state funds.

However, the corruption cases hardly affected the parliamentary elections in July, which resulted in a grand victory for the RDPC (Cameroonian People’s Democratic Movement). The party retained a large majority, with 140 of Parliament’s 180 seats; a slight decline since the last election. However, the Supreme Court received over 100 protests against cheating and decided to annul the result in 17 constituencies where serious cheating had been established.

According to CountryAAH, Yaounde is the capital city of Cameroon. 21 Cameroonian army soldiers were killed in an attack in November on the Bakassi Peninsula in the southwest. The area was handed over to Cameroon in August 2006 following an international arbitration process, but among the Nigerian people, the resignation met with protests. Those who attacked the soldiers were described as “Nigerian rebels”.

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Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon; 2. 8 million residents (2015). Yaoundé is an administrative and commercial center and a traffic hub. It is also a commercial center in a rich agricultural district with a diverse industry. The city has a university (founded in 1962) and a number of educational and research centers as well as national archives and national libraries.

Yaoundé was founded in 1888, when Cameroon was a German protectorate. The city was occupied by Belgian troops during the First World War, in 1922 became the capital of the mandate area of ​​French Cameroon and in 1960 the capital of independent Cameroon.