Cara Delevingne, Would Kiss a Una Chica? and Tea Liked? to YSL Yes

Before the rumor, gossip and the press of the heart a good campaign of fashion that add fuel to fire. Bravo for YSL Beauty. Cara Delevingne He has gone to another level on the public scene, with the paparazzi chasing after the quoted kiss with Michelle Rodriguez. No one said that be Charlie Chaplin fashion was easy. At least that is missing the humor and the double entendres in the professional level.

Ondria Hardin it becomes the fictional couple face Delevingne for YSL Beauty. The United States continues to grow as few. The controversy by paraded with 15 years to Marc Jacobs to Chanel campaign and now on YSL Beauty.

Yves Saint Laurent has to face Delevingne as one of their models of the moment. In beauty it makes pair with Jourdan Dunn and on the part of fashion Saint Laurent chose to show off their punk particular.

That kiss with Michelle Rodriguez in Cancun…

The first success of Katy Perry.

And while face Delevingne jumping on Twitter by the harassment to which is subject:

I really think that it ‘ s disgusting that Paris is the only place where it is illegal for paps to follow you around

— Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) March 31, 2014

It actually took someone losing there life! Diana, an inspirational woman and then it changed but they still won ‘ t change it in London!

— Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) March 31, 2014

It ‘ s horrible! How many people have to get hurt or even killed to realise that it ‘ s not right?

— Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) March 31, 2014

It scares me because they act like they ‘ re assassins with telescope lenses, hiding in bushes or whatever they can find there

— Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) March 31, 2014

Have I actually used to feel so sorry for them, how boring it must be to follow people around all the time but some of them actually enjoy it

— Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) March 31, 2014

Rant done! Needed to get that off my chest for a while! Also, I have never once seen a woman pap! Can someone explain that!

— Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) March 31, 2014

“I kissed a girl and I liked it”. Because that is what matters. Some things remain unchanged…