Carla Bruni Is The New Diva Bulgari, The Luxury Looking for Seated Maturity

Supermodel to disappear from the world of fashion. Carla Bruni He has managed to taste how adventures in different artistic worlds, with music as the main escape route. We could also put the policy in this dance of functions due to its relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy and his position as French first lady (from 2008 to 2012). But in the end fashion is still there and companies still want to have it as an image, as it is the case of Bulgari that the tab as its new diva.

The current Carla Bruni has nothing to do with which triumphed in the 90s. 45 the French nationalized Italian has found a new stage Golden in adulthood as a pristine style. Not strange that a firm like Bulgari has chosen now to his fall campaign.

Like Carla Bruni, Bulgari has Italian origin but French today, following the purchase of LVMH in 2011. The irony and the coincidences are given hand anytime.

For the campaign, Carla Brubi poses to the objective of Terry Richardson that it does not hesitate to seek a less formal image of the former Italian model. Sitting “carefree” as they are common in the American race. Short shots in a campaign of jewelry with spectacular necklaces and earrings with the intention of seeking the modern style of the dolce vita romana.

Bulgari party in Saint Tropez

Yesterday Bulgari it celebrated the opening of a new store in Saint Tropez, France. The Italian firm remains confident in the exclusivity of the enclave located on the French Riviera and for this purpose invited famous the likes of Juliette Binoche, Hilary Swank, Virginie Ledoyen or Bianca Brandolini d’Adda, among others, alongside Jeremy Irons.

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