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Rebates or The Groundhog Day

To go to the sales the fashionable shops should be prepared for everything. It is a suitable place to live the groundhog day before even awakening. The topics and situations recur with the same patterns. It is out of the…
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The sportswear material mesh prevails also in the high-fashion in the summer of 2012. The mesh is so not sporty acts as used in dresses, blouses, skirts, accessories and even shoes. Find out for yourself! Revive (around 110 euros, about…
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Max Mara Cardigan Coat

The new collection Max Mara spring/summer 2013 was presented during the last edition of Thefreegeography cardigan wool. A woman who loves to dress in neutral tones, with soft garments but curvy at the same time, with light fabrics and graceful, but without neglecting that touch contemporary and…
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