Clothing Reference

Underwear is a type of clothing, as worn under other clothes – directly on the body. Undergarment has multiple purposes as to protect garments from being soiled by perspiration, urine, semen, feces and other soiled, ensuring shyness or to support and shape the body. In addition to underwear with long sleeves and/or legs helps keep heat, other underwear is used primarily in sexual context or be used for religious reasons. Mostly underwear are designed for the purpose, but sometimes used t-shirt or shorts as underwear. By contrast, used underwear can be used as outerwear or racerbacks.

In the Western world, today’s women uses in particular a kind of brassiere and panties, while men use shorter or longer briefs, including boxer shorts. See bridgat for such briefs for men. In both sexes, an undershirt is replaced by a t-shirt or something similar.

Underwear is used to protect the rest of the clothing against soiled as sweat, urine, feces, semen and menstrual blood. Women’s bras are used to support the breasts, and men’s briefs keep the genital organs in place. Corsets can be used to change the body shape, so the user e.g. look slim. Some athletes are using specially underwear as cups and sports bras for practical reasons. Learn more information on bras for women on bridgat.

Undergarment helps to keep the body warm and to protect the wearer’s decency, especially if the rest of the clothes are more or less transparent. Unlike found underwear that is created with sexual purposes, e.g., crotchless panties and edible lingerie.

Many types of materials are created as underwear, while any clothing that is actually meant for other purposes, can be used as underwear. It can for example be t-shirt or certain types of shorts. The reverse situation is also available, where garments that are designed as underwear be used as ordinary clothes. Examples of this are the corsage or bras that can be used with other clothes, but this depends on society’s norms, laws and fashions. If the materials are well chosen, can also be used as sleepwear underwear or something for swimming.

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