Collaboration: Designed Meadham Kirchhoff for Our Site

Wacky shrill, loud, fabulous, pretty and maybe so refreshing? Only last week the latest prank from the House of our site became known with the designer-duo Meadham Kirchhoff given already available ’ s a first insight into the cracker collaboration of the two British pretty crazy.

A bit obliquely, a portion of it, definitely ironic and for a or other maybe a bit to carnival-like – but at the same time so refreshingly different, that you perhaps that is why quite times could afford the more favourable response on Meadham Kirchhoff. Because finally, the collections usually cost a small fortune. On 21 November, the second Our site coup coasts “the cherries“ by Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff into the stores and online and we of course want to know who will be so brave of you to strike at, hmm?

Colorful wool, sequins, delicate sweet notes, cherries and funky pattern – the designer-duo has never taken back for this collaboration and seamlessly ties in with their rather unusual main line. Sloping, inclined, Meadham Kirchhoff < 3

Details please? Haben wir:

Meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-1 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-2 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-3 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-4 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-5 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-10 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-9 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-8 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-7 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-6 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-11 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-12 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-13 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-14 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-15 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-20 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-19 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-18 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-17 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-16 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-21 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-22 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-23 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-24 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-25 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-29 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-28 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-27 meadham-kirchhoff-for-our site-26

All pictures via the citizens of fashion.