Concordia Parish, Louisiana Weather

Concordia Parish is located in the northeastern corner of Louisiana, and it is bordered by the Mississippi River. It has a population of 20,822 people according to the 2010 census. According to, the parish was established in 1807 and named after the Latin word for “harmony”. The parish is home to many historical attractions such as the historic downtown Ferriday, which features old-fashioned storefronts and houses from the 19th century. Other notable landmarks include the Natchez Trace Parkway and Poverty Point State Historic Site, both of which are popular tourist attractions. The parish is also home to a number of famous people such as Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter John Fogerty, actor John Goodman, and former Louisiana governor Mike Foster. Other notable natives include NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw and actor James Best. Concordia Parish offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, bird watching, and hiking at Lake St. John or Poverty Point Reservoir State Park. The area also has several museums and other interesting cultural attractions such as the Concordia Historical Museum or Vidalia Heritage Park & Museum that tell stories about local history through artifacts from centuries past.

Climate and weather in Concordia Parish, Louisiana

According to, Concordia Parish, Louisiana has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature is around 64°F (18°C) and the average annual precipitation is around 49 inches (124 cm). Summers are hot and humid with temperatures reaching into the 90s F (32-37 C). Winters are mild with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing. Spring and autumn are generally pleasant with temperatures ranging from 50-80 F (10-27 C).

The area experiences frequent thunderstorms during the summer months, sometimes accompanied by hail or high winds. The area also gets occasional tornadoes in late spring or early summer. Snowfall is rare but can occur during winter months. It usually doesn’t accumulate much beyond an inch or two.

Concordia Parish has a temperate climate that makes it ideal for outdoor activities year round. While the summers can be hot and humid, they are also perfect for swimming, boating, fishing, camping, hiking, biking or just enjoying the outdoors. The mild winters make it possible to enjoy outdoor activities even when the temperatures drop a bit too low for comfort in other parts of the country.

Transportation in Concordia Parish, Louisiana

Concordia Parish, Louisiana is served by several major transportation routes. Interstate 20 runs east to west through the parish and provides access to cities such as Monroe, Shreveport, and Dallas. US Highway 65 also runs through the area, connecting it with cities such as Natchez and Baton Rouge. Other highways that serve the area include US Highway 84 and Louisiana Highway 577.

The parish is also served by two regional airports: the Natchez-Adams County Airport and the Vidalia Regional Airport. Both airports offer commercial flights to nearby cities such as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Memphis, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Atlanta. The Natchez-Adams County Airport is located about 30 miles from Concordia Parish while the Vidalia Regional Airport is located about 20 miles away.

Public transportation in Concordia Parish is provided by buses operated by Natchez Transit System (NTS). NTS operates several routes that stop at various locations throughout Concordia Parish including Vidalia, Ferriday, Sicily Island, Clayton, Monterey, Grayson and other small towns in the area. The buses run Monday through Saturday from 6:00am to 7:00pm with limited Sunday service available on some routes.

For those looking for an alternative way to get around Concordia Parish there are several taxi services available including Yellow Cab of Natchez and Vidalia Taxi Service. Taxis can be hailed on the street or can be booked in advance for pick up at a specific location or time.

There are a variety of transportation options available in Concordia Parish for both locals and visitors alike which makes getting around this beautiful area easy and convenient.

Cities and towns in Concordia Parish, Louisiana

Concordia Parish, Louisiana is home to many cities and towns that offer a variety of activities and attractions. The largest city in the parish is Vidalia, located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Red Rivers. It is home to many historical sites, including the Old Vidalia Courthouse and Museum, as well as several parks and trails for outdoor recreation.

Ferriday is another city in Concordia Parish that has a rich history. It was once home to blues legend Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter, and visitors can still explore his childhood home which has been preserved as a museum. Ferriday also offers several parks, including Caney Creek Park which features a lake for fishing and boating.

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, other cities in Concordia Parish include Monterey, Clayton, Sicily Island, Wildsville, Ridgecrest, Acme, Lake St. Joseph and others. Each of these towns has its own unique attractions such as museums or historic sites to explore. Monterey also offers several outdoor activities such as fishing on Lake St. Joseph or hiking in the nearby Kisatchie National Forest.

In addition to these cities, there are also many smaller towns located throughout Concordia Parish each with its own character that makes it unique from the others. Many of these small towns offer quaint bed & breakfasts or historic inns for visitors looking for an overnight stay among other attractions such as antique stores or art galleries.

Concordia Parish offers something for everyone whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or exploring local history with plenty of picturesque scenery along the way.