Conquering the Graviteam Berlin: We Run Bln.

That Nike and I have been under the guns of the sport, should have noticed the one or other readers. Diligently, we put almost every day after the other one leg on the floor and try to make the whole rhythmic run properly. Yes folks, there are only 6 kilometres in one piece (so much for the running level on my part) for me, but probably also still no one came from zero to one hundred, or? The Nike laughs Graviteam is based on my performance probably in their sleeves, because the motley crew has been running since October 2010 weekly at the 10 km over Berlin’s most beautiful miles. But now, they put on you!

10 km: the Nike Stadium until the Badeschiff Treptow – with you! On June 26 the crew GRAVITEAM wants to take you by the hand and under the motto “WE RUN BLN” conquer the Berlin streets, bridges and parks and Berlin to the „ city of running “ let live up.

Those who wish you to run in the team and different way to experience the urban running trails in Berlin, should register be sure here. Small gifts also beckon for the athletic master runner, amateur joggers or Nulpen such as Nike and me – the running Kit is ’ s together with the limited shirt on June 22 between 16-20 hours.

Your course should be rewarded but of course also solemnly: the Graviteam throw an after run hour with pool party, DJ craft, Andhim and Bodi Bill. If this should be time no incentive? So people get up your Keister and do. We and the Graviteam forward!

And here again the facts:

WE RUN BLN – 10 km on 26 June
Where? Nike Stadium, gypsum road 4 to 17:30
target? Badeschiff Treptow
login? Here!
Shirt output: 22 June 16-20: 00