Crisis? Who Said Crisis? Inditex Continues to Rise

We know long ago, in times of crisis the rich become richer and the poor (unfortunately) poorer. So how could it be otherwise, the fifth richest man in the world Lord)Amancio Ortega) as its empire grows every day more. And it is that the shares of the company are beating highs.

As economy do not understand much I’ll explain you simple way to give you an idea of what its ascent represents. In 2001, when the group went into a bag, their actions had a value of 14, 70 euros. Eleven years later, these same actions they exceed the 86 euros. Is not bad, eh?

And best of all is that analysts set their price at 90 euros posed a potential of growth of 4%. And is that more growth is expected in the Asian continent. So while some suffer the consequences of this blissful crisis, others see as his empire is going clamping more every day.