Discovery Cove – the Orlando Water Park

Discovery Cove is adjacent to SeaWorld . As a special attraction, the park offers the opportunity to swim with dolphins, interact with other marine life and birds, and snorkel through a tropical coral reef.

From Orlando: Exit 28 on Interstate 4. From Tampa: Exit 27A on Interstate 4. Open 9 am-5pm daily, tel. 1-877-4-DISCOVERY. Tickets can be worldwide can be ordered online (electronic self-printing system, credit card). The swimming times with dolphins must be reserved in advance, only 1000 visitors are allowed in daily. You can also snorkel, swim and use the beaches. Diving goggles, snorkel, life jacket, towels and locker are included in the price. The access options are handicapped accessible.


Who doesn’t automatically think of Walt Disney’s World Resort when they hear the words “Orlando” and “Theme Park”? Maybe all those who have already visited the “Holy Land Experience” in Florida. This theme park is all about the Christian faith and the Bible.

Boring? By no means! You have to leave it to the Americans that they can deal with very serious, meaningful and historical topics in an extremely entertaining and cheerful manner. If you have not yet dealt with the Bible, you might want to read it after a visit here. Not relevant nowadays? That is also guaranteed to be a mistake. When the park did not require entry a day ago, it was literally overrun by almost 7,000 visitors. Nevertheless, it must of course be stated that it is not one of the 20 largest amusement parks in the USA, neither in terms of size nor in terms of annual visitor numbers. You will also look in vain for wild roller coaster rides here in the “Holy Land”. But that really shouldn’t be a reason to go to the park in Orlando just ignore it. Instead, it offers some wonderful places of silence. And that can have its charm in the noisy world of theme parks.

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The scriptorium. A museum for the Holy Scriptures

It should therefore also start with the part of the park that is the quietest – the scriptorium. In the Holy Land Experience, the English name “Scriptorium” is used to describe a museum that is entirely dedicated to the Bible and its dissemination. Visitors get an impressive overview of when, where and how the Bible was not only written, but also distributed throughout the world. Significant exhibits of original writings from various centuries alternate with scenic impressions that take you to different epochs and regions of the world. In this way, visitors not only get an impression of the history of the Bible, but also of its importance for civilization as a whole. Not easy fare for an amusement park, but very well done.

Jerusalem. The Eternal City as an imposing model

Believer or not: Many biblical stories are common knowledge, especially those of the New Testament. In the Holy Land Experience, visitors can get a vivid impression of these stories. The park presents the largest model of Jerusalem that has ever existed. Of course it is a replica of the Jerusalem in which Jesus Christ lived and worked. Where he stayed, where he worked his miracles and where he was finally crucified and resurrected, the model shows all of this as if the events of 2000 years ago were within reach. By the way, questions are expressly welcome after the tour.

The tabernacle. A place with goosebumps

If the scriptorium is tough on the head, then the tabernacle could be considered heavy food for the soul. Because in this part of the Holy Land Experience a “priest and teacher” takes over the direction and brings the visitors closer to the essence of the Christian faith. At least that’s the concept. That might sound like hard to digest, but it is actually presented with high theatrical standards in a great setting and with wonderful effects. Even atheists can expect goose bumps here. You don’t have to be proselytized in order to gain a lot from this part of the park!

“The Great Temple” takes you back to the time immediately after the birth of Christ

Dimensions of a completely different kind await the visitor in the “Great Temple” of Jerusalem. In this huge, stylized replica of one of the shrines of Judaism, visitors can expect an impression of life around the temple as it was in the 1st century AD. may have played. The presentation takes place in the open air.

Speaking of presentation. Much of the attraction of the Holy Land Experience lies in the shows that are on here. Professional actors in colorful costumes act out various biblical stories and realities every day. There are productions that are aimed at adults, but there are also at least as many performances for children. Both target groups together should like those shows that deal with biblical themes in the style of Hollywood musicals.

A Christian theme park is hard to imagine without a church. So it’s no wonder that the Church for All Nations, the “Church of all Nations” not only invites you to show productions, dance and music, but also to church services and silent prayers. The imposing building in antique style can hold over 2000 visitors and has a huge stage with the most modern media effects.

Some information about the history of the park

The Holy Land Experience is still relatively young. In 1989 the land was acquired for this, and the park itself opened its doors in February 2001. Since then it has been expanded several times. The company has changed hands several times and is now (as of January 2018) owned by the Trinitiy Broadcasting Network media group. Under her leadership, a children’s theater, play facilities for children, shops, restaurants and activities such as cooking classes were integrated into the park program.

Holy Land Experience at a glance

  • The park brings Christian faith and the history of the Bible to life
  • It’s located in Orlando, Florida; the address is 4655, Vineland Road
  • The “Scriptorium” is a museum about the origin and dissemination of the Bible
  • The park shows the largest model of the city of Jerusalem ever made from the 1st century
  • Shows for all ages bring biblical stories to life on stage
  • Show productions and services in the “Church of all Nations”
  • Play opportunities and outdoor activities for children as well as shops and restaurants are available in the park area

Discovery Cove - the Orlando Water Park