Dominican Republic 2007

According to ezinereligion, in 2007, the population of the Dominican Republic was estimated to be over 9 million people, composed mainly of Spanish and African ethnic groups. The official language was Spanish but several other languages were also spoken. The economy was largely based on exports of sugar, coffee and cocoa. In terms of foreign relations, the Dominican Republic had close ties with its neighbors Haiti and Cuba and maintained diplomatic relations with several other countries such as France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Politically, the Dominican Republic was a presidential republic led by President Leonel Fernández since 2004 until his term ended in 2020. Following his term Luis Abinader became President in 2020 and is still in power today.

Yearbook 2007

Dominican Republic. According to CountryAAH, Santo Domingo is the capital city of Dominican Republic. President Leonel Fernández won the primary elections on May 6 with 72 percent of the vote, which means he can stand for re-election to the ruling party Partido de la Liberación Dominicana (PLD) in May 2008. Fernández won many votes for having overcome the high inflation that the previous administration left behind. His opponent Danilo Medina is Fernández’s closest associate but the nomination campaign became bitter and in many respects resembled a fight between two different parties.

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In April, President Fernández announced a plan to reform and modernize the armed forces. Among other things, a new national security and defense directorate will be established and, more controversially, the military will have increased influence over issues related to national development. In part, the measures came as a result of pressure from the United States, which has long complained that the military in the Caribbean and Central American countries are not equipped to meet the new global security threats from terrorism and narcotics. For the Dominican Republic, the commander of US Southern Command, Admiral James Stravidis, during a visit to the Dominican Republic, promised to help improve border control of Haiti, which is known as a transhipment station in the international drug trade.

  • According to abbreviationfinder: DR is the 2-letter acronym for the country of Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic weather in March, April and May

Daily temperatures averaging 28 to 30 ° C can be expected over the next three months. The temperatures hardly fluctuate during this time.

Do you want to go on a beach holiday? The water temperatures are in March, April and May 26-28 ° C. This is great weather for a great time on the beach and in the water.

In March it rains depending on the region of 6 (Santo Domingo) to 7 days (Punta Cana), in April of six (Punta Cana) to 7 days (Santo Domingo) and in May of 10 (Punta Cana) to 11 days (Santo Domingo).

In the period from March to May , the sun shines on average between 8 and 9 hours a day. The sunniest weather is in March in Punta Cana, with a little less sun you will have to get by in May.