DoñA Letizia Is Points to The Fashion of Pants ‘Bib’ in Arc

Once again, the Reyes did not want to miss the opening of bow, the most important contemporary art fair. And as in every one of his appearances we look with magnifying glass styling of Doña Letizia. Today the Queen has opted for a modern, more risky outfit… pointing to the fashion of the pants ‘culotte’.

Doña Letizia has opted for this modern appointment by a more risky style formed by white blouse of Hugo Boss Pant bib’s high-waisted and zipper, made of napa’s Uterqüe. Upon arrival he was wearing a short-sleeved cocoon in strong pink coat. Complete, as some ideal black sandals with the instep heels black air and also of Uterqüe, wallet of Adolfo Dominguez and jewels of Tous. Collected with side braid hairstyle I am not convinced because it poured years over, I like most with the loose hair don’t you think?

Here you can see the pants Uterqüe, whose price is 275,00 EUR.