East Timor 2007

Yearbook 2007

Timor. According to CountryAAH, Dili is the capital city of Timor-Leste. The young nation was also characterized by political unrest in 2007. Following a violent election campaign, during which dozens of people were injured and a few hundred were arrested, presidential elections were held in April and May. In the decisive round, Prime Minister Jos谷 Ramos-Horta, who was running for independence, triumphed over Fretilin’s candidate Francisco Guterres.

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In the June parliamentary elections, Fretilin became the single largest party with 29 percent of the vote, which was about half the result in the 2001 election. percent. After a month of unsuccessful government talks, the new president commissioned his predecessor Gusmão to form a coalition government with two other parties. The new government is supported by 37 of Parliament’s 65 members. That the old liberation movement Fretilin was placed alongside the government work was met with violent protests in several places in the country.

In March, former Interior Minister Rogerio Lobato was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for rioting and for distributing weapons to militia who attacked government opponents during the 2006 riots.

East Timor weather in March, April and May

Daily temperatures averaging 32 ° C can be expected over the next three months. The temperatures hardly fluctuate during this time.

Do you want to go on a beach holiday? The water temperatures are in March, April and May 26-29 ° C. This is great weather for a great time on the beach and in the water.

The expected rainfall is around 11 days in March, around 9 days in April and around 6 days in May.

In the period from March to May, the sun shines on average between 8 and 9 hours a day. The sunniest weather is in May in Dili, with a little less sun you will have to get by in March.


Dili, capital of the Republic of East Timor; 192,600 residents (2011). Dili, located on the northern coast of the island of Timor, was the capital of the Portuguese part of Timor from the late 18th century and became the provincial capital when Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975. Dili became the center for the province’s textile manufacturing and crafts, and the city gained university and a technical college. The port was modernized to increase coffee exports.

In conjunction with the referendum on independence for East Timor, in 1999, violent contradictions erupted and large parts of Dili were burned down or otherwise destroyed, including factories, schools, hospitals, ports and airports. Since then, these facilities have largely been rebuilt under UN leadership and with the help of international aid organizations.