Equatorial Guinea 2007

Yearbook 2007

Equatorial Guinea. With the help of new production fields, Equatorial Guinea expected to increase oil production in 2007 from approximately 395,000 barrels per day to 570,000. China, which is very actively looking for raw materials in Africa, repaid a debt of US $ 75 million. China often offers low-cost loans, cheap industrial goods and large construction projects to enter the African markets, which have so far been dominated by former colonial powers and the United States.

According to CountryAAH, Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea also started negotiations on oil deliveries to Zimbabwe during the year, plagued by severe fuel shortages. The message was given shortly after the government of Zimbabwe decided to extradite British mercenary Simon Mann, who is convicted in Equatorial Guinea in his absence for participation in a coup attempt in 2004. Mann was arrested in Zimbabwe and sentenced to seven years in prison. The disclosure was postponed following an appeal.

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