Everything Is Marketing. First Day of The Second Conference on Fashion Blogs

There are several phrases that I martirizo to my friends. & #8220.;Everything is marketing“ is one of them. A large part of the areas of life have more or less to view marketing and that is what has been on the first day in the II Conference on fashion blogs held Friday in the Museo del Traje in Madrid, which covered with more detail from Twitter.

The first day of the Conference started with too much marketing and ideas related to sales, business and communication. The fashion was there but in the majority of cases was in the background. The vision of the fashion industry began with professionals who claimed not to know much on the subject, which does not remove that in their talks, they were very successful.

The evening began with the usual greeting and thanks to the sponsors of the event, as well as the gratitude to those who we had been able to attend the same. I don’t remember the exact number of how many got to prove ourselves, but between 500 and 1,000 people were left without square to such demand. This speaks very well of the Organization and the interest of an event so.

Andy Stalman: “ branding and blogging: the blog as mark & #8221;

Andy Stalman He is Professor, lecturer and Managing Director of Cato Partners Europe. His lecture was ideal to start an event of this nature. It served as the introduction to enter field definitions, quotes and other facts that are always welcome in the touchdown on a topic. The downside is that with a public specialty some transitions between themes could have been jumped.

Among other curiosities that shared us Stalman surprised me the number of the 45,000 blogs created in Spain in 2010. It commented that the predictions of the death of this format as opposed to the rise of Facebook and Twitter have failed at all, rather contrary. These brackets are used complement each other.

Most notable, aside from data, is the linking of each blog with the creation of a brand that should take care of from all fronts. Design is one of the main, and attract the attention of visitors. At the same time, we will seek as another key differentiation. A different content that needs to develop.

Icaro Moyano: “ new forms for trade: the power of recommendation & #8221;

The conferences of Icaro Moyano they are worth seeing. The director of communication of BuyVip, Amazon company, has a few tables in this and asserts them with a pleasant, fun public speaking and with several loose pearls in the meantime speech fluid.

Against all the pre-established ideas, Icaro Moyano began by saying that Spain is one of the countries with the longest tradition in online trading, In addition to other examples of success as a Mumumío, Álvaro Ortiz idea. The key is to get to your product speak for you, always very well, such as her hairdressing salon, the famous Maxi Mambocut.

Unaware of the fact that said Icaro Moyano that in recent times there was uploaded time spent on a site. I can imagine that it will be at some point, because in the rest is as soon as possible. He made special emphasis on the power the social networks For transmit the values of the brands to potential customers, at the same time that the friends who will make pressure on them.

Many ideas for a Conference in which Moyano has joined those who support the rise of payment by mobile phone and the successful use of the product plamcement risk. It was very interesting.

Round table: bloggers and other new profiles professionals in fashion

Against the good taste of the first two speakers became the third talk. A good level slump which made water from the beginning, with two speakers absent unwillingness)Guillermo López) and for being late)Anna fat). The remaining three have failed to pass on their knowledge of the sector and also achieve an interesting rhythm in their speeches.

Comenzó Suguuru Mikami, Art Director of the New York-based agency FLY16X9. The work of the Agency is to make audiovisual publishers for major brands of fashion. The most interesting of his presentation was the examples we saw on video since the rest was not much.

Raquel Rodriguez It was the other guest. It is responsible for blogs and social networks of the Cabinet of the TV. Happened the same as his partner. After explaining a bit in what was his business and what he did very over interacted with the moderate Montse Sánchez, founder and Director of Talentiam.

In this exchange of questions the topics were too basic. If ever they arise put most different with unique profiles, that if to succeed must be very attentive to everything that is coming out now, if there is to be always listening to consumers, etc. Basic information that we all already know.

I missed a real conversation, with his feet on the ground, without much hose easy to encourage the public with those positions that already know the type of profile who attends an event as well. I missed missing wages charged (an idea, at least), which companies demand more, etc..

“ Fashion men online and social media & #8221;

Apparently, in the first edition of the Conference on fashion Blogs the theme broke in lack of men’s fashion, something that has cured with great success in this second year with two speakers: David Dolphin y José Luis Díez Garde Diaz Tuxedo Room magazine blog GQ.

Both provided an interesting view on men’s fashion, especially David dolphin, whose words about what extra of the blogosphere (” the useless and the bored, who spread their misery virtual world “) were too removed from context when at the end he just said what are all of the opinion: that to not bring anything and only bothered better not be.

The designer was one of the best of the day. It recognized that is a newbie in Internet and that largely work in this field due to the team of collaborators who have. He goes on to say things clearly and has no need to make the ball like so many others in this world who think everything fantastic, even though they do not know.

On the other hand, José Luis Díez It brought the vision of the subscribed to a newspaper blog, defending at the same time some independence and betting on the menswear with personality as it does in his blog.

More tomorrow! At 10:15 plays be at the Museum of costume for the second day.

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