Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Who Said That The Grey Was Boring?

The grey It seems that it always has to be boring and dull, a last resort that we have to dress in winter. But this autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 Gray returns to emerge as one of the Favorites of the runways and the streets. Gray admits a great variety of tones to combine only or accompanied. We look to the week of the fashion of New York, one of which most they opted for this color.

In Oscar de la Renta grey takes on a connotation very elegant and sophisticated. A jacket and an enveloping layer are the best outerwear to cover sets in black. Items that are purchased and serve you for years.

Alexander Wang

The spoiled child of Anna Wintour makes grey a sober collection urban color and playing with the pattern of coats and dresses. Grey color serves both as the black in this parade of Alexander Wang, two of your favorite colors.

Reed Krakoff

The best you can have gray is a coat or a classic coat that protects you from the cold of the days colder winter. The newest option is to take it up musketeer boots in black and so you get the perfect combination of something new + something old that proposes Reed Krakoff.

Michael Kors

High executives of New York also dress in grey. They are efficient, punctual, hard-working and carry case with your most confidential papers. They know that gray they are right and so come to your most important meetings. So you saw them Michael Kors.

Proenza Schouler

If grey you think too serious and formal, try to mix it with white to bring in lighter tones or to leave it to the classic tweed fabric. Proenza Schouler tinges of gray silhouette cocoon or dresses tube.