Gabon 2007

Yearbook 2007

Gabon. A new airline, Gabon Airlines, replaced the bankrupt Air Gabon since Moroccan plans to enter a new airline were dropped. Gabon Airlines is owned by Christian Bongo, son of Gabon’s president.

According to CountryAAH, Libreville is the capital city of Gabon. One of Gabon’s best-known independent newspaper editors, Guy-Christian Mavioga, was sentenced to five months in prison and fined for criticizing President Omar Bongo in an editorial. His magazine L’Espoir had his publishing license revoked. Bongo has ruled Gabon since 1967 and is the African head of state that has been in power for the longest time.

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A 2006 Chinese billion iron ore mining contract in eastern Gabon was criticized by environmental groups. Several organizations jointly demanded that the authorities disclose the conditions for the mining operations which are feared to entail extensive logging in the environmentally sensitive Congo basin.