German Designer Round-up Our Favorite Pieces by Vladimir Karaleev Issever Bahri, Michael Sontag & Co.

Who believes that Berlin Modekarussel would Christmas also slowly revolve around how our zeal, which simulates very powerfully. From 14 to 17 January 2014 i.e. namely again: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week right in front of the Brandenburg Gate. And we believe our favourite German designers, then the heads just deep in the sand, rows of overtime, complete breakdowns bringing schedules to falter, and the collections are not even nearly finished.

What we can do at this point? Huge support, beads of sweat with a purchase reward and cheer like crazy. And how? Well, for example with the freshly printed favorite looks from Vladimir Karaleev Issever Bahri, Martin Niklas Wiesner and Michael Sontag for the summer 2014 – as a small amuse Gueule for the winter 2014 so to speak, who served us in January again.

So hang in there everyone, < 3 we happy on your next pranks and are pretty curious what you just works.

Vladimir Karaleev:

King Karaleev is and remains our undisputed number one. Hardly an other Berlin has consistently pulled his trademark and remains true without getting bored: open seams, unfinished as ready to call and to think that they just provide the carrying effect folds. For the summer 2014 is ’ s: Blue it is and we our number 1 favorite color of course like to join. What should not be missing? Material mixes that include not only the Visual eye candy, but at the same time provide a tactile experience. Our top 4 of the shopping list is available. And who like to click through to the full Lookbook, which look here.

Issever Bahri:


Daly and Cameron are among the most likeable women power duo, we know. Despite last-minute interview last year was for us the full load of heart, sympathy, and girl-next-door attitude and alone therefore you must fell himself immediately in the two. They impress not only acute editorial potential, but also with the perfect blend of craftsmanship and favourite with her summer collection of 2014. Crochet Arts meet there that very everyday pieces and we are pleased a hole in the abdomen that Berlin fashion finally pick us in everyday life without losing specificity only a piece. Chapeau, ladies. Oh and something else: the model in the Lookbook provides the perfect inspiration template for my next haircut. Thank you, girls < 3 are our top looks in the image above. All creations can be found here.

Michael Samuels:


We know not as accurate as always is that this Mr Sontag. While we us at other Berlin-based designers like in the formulation of „ flowing silk … “ lose Michael blocks Sunday exactly there is always us and surprised with contrasting silhouettes to lose more robust materials and Neugedachtem without its line. We could show all looks Monsieur Sontag actually at this point, but it’s also unfair to the others so there ’ s also here our top 3, which gladly and without detours may move into our wardrobe. The entire collection can be found here.

Martin Niklas Wieser:


Oho, we’re sorry, Niklas. We’re sorry, we have neglected you just too much in the past. Actually is no reason because the Weissensee graduate not only ensures clean creations, by clever details for “Whaow effects“ care. He also has a very clear message, that is at this point not to neglect it. Walters collection has sex go and blurs boundaries. To connect ordinary Tiefsinnigerem his trademark seems to be able to be and we are very curious what Martin Niklas Wieser wants to convince us in January. Now but right now our top 4 – the entire line can be found here.



The two makers behind Schmidtthakahashi regularly ensure that our brains are washed. They try their collections from recyclten materials namely deliberately to work more sustainable and to conserve resources – and actively intervene in our consumption habits. An approach that no piece limits them in their creativity – the contrary: fans of the label the non-existent red colors in their choice of material and their obvious openness appreciate straight to work spontaneously with the given textiles. Thumbs up, you guys are the future. Top 3 compliant? You can see the above. The entire Lookbook is here.