Grafton County, New Hampshire Weather

Grafton County is located in the northern part of New Hampshire, and is the largest county in the state. It is bordered by Coos County to the north, Carroll County to the east, Sullivan County to the south, and Merrimack County to the west. The population of Grafton County is estimated at 89,000 as of 2019. The county seat is North Haverhill.

According to, Grafton County was one of five original counties created by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth in 1769. It was named in honor of Augustus Henry Fitzroy, 3rd Duke of Grafton and Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1768-1770. The county has a rich history that includes being home to many early settlers and Native American tribes including Abenaki Indians who resided in what is now known as Grafton Notch State Park.

Today, Grafton County continues to be a popular tourist destination with attractions like Franconia Notch State Park which offers visitors hiking trails, camping sites, and stunning views of Franconia Ridge; Lost River Gorge which features an underground network of caves and canyons; Mount Washington Auto Road which provides visitors with an opportunity to drive up Mount Washington; Clark’s Trading Post which offers visitors a chance to experience a piece of New Hampshire’s past with its historic buildings and live bear show; Santa’s Village which provides family fun for all ages; and Whale’s Tale Waterpark which features thrilling water slides and pools.

Grafton County has also been home to some famous people including Daniel Webster who served as a United States Senator from 1827-1841; Jodi Rell who served as Governor from 2004-2011; Doris Haddock who was known for her activism on behalf of senior citizens rights; actress Sarah Jessica Parker who was born in Nelson; novelist Dan Brown who wrote The Da Vinci Code series; actor George Kennedy who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Cool Hand Luke in 1968; singer/songwriter Jewel Kilcher whose debut album Pieces Of You went multi-platinum; actor Chris O’Donnell who starred in Batman Forever and NCIS: Los Angeles; actor Ryan Phillippe who starred in Cruel Intentions among other films; actress Christina Ricci who starred in Sleepy Hollow among other films.

Grafton County offers visitors plenty to see and do while exploring this picturesque region of New Hampshire. From its stunning natural attractions like Franconia Notch State Park to its many historical sites such as Clark’s Trading Post, there are plenty of opportunities here for travelers looking for an unforgettable experience.

Climate and weather in Grafton County, New Hampshire

According to, Grafton County, New Hampshire is located in the northern part of the state and offers visitors a variety of climates and weather conditions. As with much of New England, Grafton County experiences four distinct seasons. Summers are generally warm with temperatures ranging from the mid-sixties to low eighties while winter temperatures range from the low twenties to single digits.

In spring, temperatures begin to rise and by May, temperatures usually reach the mid-sixties with occasional showers. By June, temperatures may reach into the seventies with occasional days reaching into the eighties. Spring is also a time of changing weather conditions with rain often mixed in between sunny days.

Summer months are usually quite warm and humid, with high humidity levels making it feel even hotter than it actually is. Temperatures typically range from the mid-seventies to low nineties but can reach up to one hundred degrees on rare occasions. Rain can be expected during this time as well, although summer storms tend to be brief and intense rather than long lasting downpours.

In autumn months, temperature gradually decrease as we move towards wintertime. September and October are usually mild with temperatures ranging from fifty degrees during cooler nights up into the seventies during warmer days. November brings colder weather as temperatures drop below freezing at night but may still rise into the forties or even fifties during warmer days.

Winter in Grafton County can be cold and snowy with average daily highs around twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit while lows may dip into single digits or below zero on some nights. Snowfall accumulations vary widely across Grafton County but generally range between thirty inches and sixty inches annually depending on location within the county. Winter storms are common throughout January and February bringing blizzard conditions at times along with icy roads making driving difficult or impossible at times due to hazardous road conditions caused by snow or ice accumulation on roadways that has not been cleared away by snow plows yet.

Grafton County offers four distinct seasons for visitors to enjoy each year along with a variety of climates ranging from hot summers to cold winters that bring snowfall accumulations that can vary widely depending on location within this picturesque region of New Hampshire.

Transportation in Grafton County, New Hampshire

Grafton County, New Hampshire has a variety of transportation options available for visitors and residents alike. The most popular option is the road system, which includes both interstate and state highways. Interstate 93 runs through the southern part of the county, providing access to cities like Boston, Manchester and Concord. State highways such as Route 10 and Route 4 also traverse Grafton County, providing access to towns such as Hanover, Plymouth and Bristol. Additionally, local roads provide access to smaller towns throughout the county.

For those looking to travel by air, Lebanon Municipal Airport is located in West Lebanon in Grafton County. This small airport offers commercial flights to Boston Logan International Airport and other regional airports throughout New England. Additionally, larger airports like Manchester-Boston Regional Airport are located within a short driving distance from Grafton County.

Public transportation options are also available throughout Grafton County. The Dartmouth Coach provides bus service between Hanover/Lebanon area and Boston South Station with stops in several towns along the way including Plymouth, Ashland and Littleton. Additionally, there are several taxi companies operating throughout the county that provide service from town to town or even from one state to another if needed..

Bicycles are also popular among visitors and residents of Grafton County due to its beautiful scenery and numerous trails that traverse through forests and along riversides. Mountain biking is especially popular in this region with trails ranging from beginner level up to advanced levels for experienced riders who want a challenge when out on their bikes.

For those looking for an outdoor adventure without having to worry about transportation issues there are numerous campgrounds located throughout Grafton County that offer visitors a chance to experience nature up close while still having access to basic amenities like restrooms or showers if needed. Additionally, there are several boat launches located near lakes or rivers where people can launch their own boats or rent one from a local marina for fishing or recreational boating activities on these waterways..

Grafton County offers a variety of transportation options for visitors whether they’re looking for an outdoor adventure on two wheels or four wheels or just want an easy way to get around during their stay in this picturesque region of New Hampshire.

Cities and towns in Grafton County, New Hampshire

Grafton County, New Hampshire is an area of stunning natural beauty and rich history. It is located in the center of the state and is bordered by the Connecticut River to the west, Vermont to the north, and Massachusetts to the south. The county itself is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer something for everyone.

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, the largest city in Grafton County is Lebanon, which serves as both a commercial hub and a popular tourist destination. The city’s downtown area features a variety of shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, and other attractions that make it an ideal place to explore during a visit. Additionally, Lebanon Municipal Airport provides commercial flights to regional airports throughout New England as well as Manchester-Boston Regional Airport which is within driving distance from Grafton County.

West Lebanon is also located in Grafton County and offers visitors a chance to experience small-town life with its quaint shops and restaurants along with its beautiful scenery. West Lebanon also has several outdoor recreation areas such as Mascoma Lake State Park where visitors can enjoy activities like swimming or fishing in addition to hiking or biking on its trails.

Enfield is another town worth visiting in Grafton County due to its historical significance dating back to colonial times when it served as an important trading post between Native Americans and English settlers. Today, Enfield offers visitors a chance to learn about its past while also having access to modern amenities such as restaurants, shops, parks, and more.

Plymouth is another town located in Grafton County that provides visitors with plenty of things to do including hiking or biking on trails at Tenney Mountain State Park or visiting one of their many historical sites such as Plymouth Congregational Church or Plymouth Historical Society Museum which are both located near downtown Plymouth.

Finally, Hanover rounds out the list of towns worth visiting in Grafton County due to its close proximity to Dartmouth College which makes it an ideal spot for anyone interested in exploring academia while also taking advantage of all that Hanover has to offer including unique shops, delicious restaurants, outdoor recreation areas like Occom Pond Natural Area which offers plenty of opportunities for bird watching or fishing along with easy access public transportation options like Dartmouth Coach bus service between Hanover/Lebanon area and Boston South Station with stops in several towns along the way including Plymouth Ashland Littleton..

No matter what type of adventure you’re looking for during your visit there’s something for everyone in Grafton County New Hampshire. From historical sites like Enfield’s trading post dating back centuries ago all the way up through modern amenities like Dartmouth College there’s no shortage of things for visitors from all walks of life can enjoy while exploring this picturesque region.