hanel & Dior Haute Couture 2014 Meets Sneaker – Or: Dream World Meets Everyday Life

CThe world of Haute Couture somewhere in unattainable dreams held – for miles away, incredibly precious and everyday remote. Haute Couture is an island of dreams, far from the reality. This kind of luxury is timeless and exceeds the dimension of fashion. Is a tribute to the craft, a love confession on the tradition and sits outside our fashionable accessibility. Up to date.

When Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and RAF Simons for Christian Dior their finest thread on sneaker-wearing models present, then let the unattainable Couture a piece they seem approachable. Yes, they get to us quite literally on the road and catapult them inevitably in our everyday lives. The untouchable the robe is more tangible than before, naturally Gets a sportier steering and picks up exactly where us, where we are: in the present, instead of light year away dream worlds. Even Coco Chanel made by establishing their labels free from conventions, put on sports items and focused on the demands of their wearer – and Karl Lagerfeld carries further this intention now for the summer 2014. Whether we need any breaks again and again? She is the couture anyway, excellently.

Feel good, rather than restrict. Make that one there is the sense. If Raf Simons for Dior or Lagerfeld for Chanel set sneaker, then it isn’t in the first place, that we should from now on einmotten high footwear and even to the wedding with white sneakers from the daily grind – it is rather to the option of no longer having to act according to certain codes but taken for granted, to implement all , stating that us is the sense. No matter whether someone will turn up their noses or not.

Raf Simons has it on the point taken: I what thinking about taking the theatrical out and taking it more into reality. As a designer, you have a responsibility to do both – to trigger her fantasy with the show, but give forth the reality as well.

Of course, the Haute Couture remains miles away from our financial reality, thanks to this small makeover, it is however a piece far closer than ever before. The wearer is no longer the preppy women’s fine home, but our dreams starting immediately the girl next door (which unexpectedly went to a cash cow over).

Nice wishful thinking, non?

All images via Style.com – Dior & Chanel