Hawaii: The Aloha State

A holiday in Hawaii, a honeymoon, discover volcanoes, conquer ‘the waves’ while surfing or enjoy paradise waterfalls. On the islands that make up Hawaii, you do it all under the tropical sun. Let your hips rock and enjoy your Hawaii holiday.

According to growtheology, Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the United States and consists of 137 volcanic islands that make up the Hawaii archipelago. Most islands are small and uninhabited. The archipelago is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a seabed of 4,000 meters deep. The largest and most important Hawaiian Islands are inhabited and popular with many Americans and other tourists and are excellent for your Hawaii vacation. And that is easy to understand if we take a closer look at some of these islands!

Touristy and pleasantly busy during vacation Hawaii

Whichever island of Hawaii you visit, the welcome is warm and traditional almost everywhere. In Hawaii you are often welcomed with the famous flower garland and local hospitality. A wonderful start to your Hawaii holiday!

Going out and shopping, that’s what you do on the island of Oahu . This is the most touristic island of the archipelago Oahu is best known for the capital Honolulu , also the capital of Hawaii, and the famous boulevard Waikiki Beach . But also naval base Pearl Harbor is located on this island. Hawaii has almost one and a half million inhabitants, spread over all islands. One million of these live on Oahu.

Honeymoon Hawaii

A Hawaii vacation is always referred to as the ideal romantic honeymoon destination.
This makes sense because the beautiful beaches, romantic accommodations and spectacular excursion options make Hawaii a popular honeymoon destination! A honeymoon to Hawaii, that’s what people dream about!
Hawaii is certainly one of the most beautiful places on earth to celebrate your honeymoon. Check out our luxury Hawaii honeymoons

Luxury Vacation Hawaii

Hawaii is a wonderful destination to relax. You will find very beautiful and luxurious hotels on all the islands of Hawaii. Many hotels are built on beautiful locations and you can walk straight onto the beach from your room! For a luxurious beach vacation you should definitely be in Hawaii. During a luxury vacation in Hawaii you can relax on the most beautiful beaches, enjoy a refreshing drink on a lounger on the beach or by the swimming pool in the hotel and in the evening have a bite to eat in the city or on the boulevard. A luxury Hawaii vacation can be combined well with an adventurous activity or honeymoon. A holiday in Hawaii offers all possibilities.

Island hopping Hawaii

Many tourists go on vacation in Hawaii and stay only on the island of Oahu, especially in Honolulu and the Waikiki Beach area.
It is much more fun to combine 3 or 4 islands and we call this island hopping. We rent a car on every island and then you can discover each island yourself! Check out our Island hopping Hawaii tour or Fly-drive Hawaii tour.

Surfing the waves in Hawaii

You can easily explore the island by car: for example, drive to Diamond Head, an old volcanic crater near the famous Waikiki Beach. Snorkeling enthusiasts will be amazed in the waters of world-famous Hanauma Bay.

Due to its high waves, the northwest coast of the island is home to many surfers, but kite and windsurfers can also enjoy themselves here. So whether you want to relax on the beach, see beautiful underwater landscapes or go for cool surfing action, it’s all possible during your Hawaii holiday.

Islands of Hawaii

As the name suggests, Big Island is the largest island in Hawaii. Officially the island is called Hawaii, but to avoid confusion with the name of the state, it was baptized Big Island. With five separate shield volcanoes, two of which are active and can be visited in the Volcanoes National Park, ten different climate zones, beautiful snorkeling areas and many waterfalls and rainforests on the humid east side of the island, we can rightfully call the Big Island a unique paradise that you will certainly must visit on your Hawaii vacation!

The Mauna Kea Observatory is home to the largest telescopes in the world. Mauna Kea is not only the highest point in Hawaii, but with a height of 10,203 meters it is also the highest mountain in the world. Because the ocean floor at this location is more than 6,000 meters deep, this mountain ‘only’ rises 4,207 meters above sea level.

Mau Hawaii

Maui Hawaii is one of the most beautiful in Hawaii’s most impressive islands. The island with beautiful nature, great routes to ride and breathtakingly beautiful and scenic beaches.

But you can also enjoy shopping and going out in villages such as Kihei, Kapalua and Lahaina. All the world’s top surfers visit Maui’s north shore in search of the highest and ultimate waves in the world.

The Garden Isle island

The northernmost and greenest island of the Hawaii archipelago is the island of Kauai . It is not surprising that this island is nicknamed ‘the Garden Isle’. Kauai is also the oldest inhabited island in the archipelago. Waimea Canyon, also known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, is an absolute highlight that you can visit on this island with its more than 900 meters deep canyon. Lovers of a brisk walk will certainly get their money’s worth during their Hawaii holiday in the Napali Coast State Park with its untouched nature.


A glimpse into the traditional (rural) life of Hawaii can be found on Molokai. Just like the island of Lanai, Molokai is not really touristy, so if you are looking for peace and quiet and the authentic and traditional Hawaii, this island offers you all the options. Molokai is characterized by many high cliffs and various beautiful parks and pearly white sandy beaches. For example, on this island you will find Papohaku Beach, an almost 5 kilometer long sandy beach, making it one of the longest beaches in Hawaii.

Volcano Hawaii

Hawaii consists of volcanic islands, so you cannot leave before you have visited a number of volcanoes. An absolute must to visit during your vacation in Hawaii is the dormant volcano Haleakala. At the top of this volcano you can enjoy an amazing sunrise or sunset with breathtaking views of Maui and the neighboring islands of Hawaii and Oahu.

Descend the volcano by mountain bike on a challenging winding road to Hana, which leads past numerous waterfalls, including the absolute highlight: the ‘seven sacred pools’. Swimming under natural waterfalls has never been so impressive!

A vacation in Hawaii is a vacation in paradise. Whichever island or islands you choose, the combination of overwhelming nature, lavish tranquility, pearly white beaches and unforgettable impressions will give you the Hawaii tour of a lifetime!

The Aloha State