I Am Icon. by Alexander McQueen and Kate Moss

Develop in a icon It is not an easy task. You can be the best in your discipline or a star but being an icon means that you are unique, you were the first, and after many you follow, revered you. The new Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2014 campaign It shows again that the icons do not fail.

Vestal goddess with touch of Xena and hair of tintin which shows us the campaign fits perfectly with the picture of Steven Klein. Color saturated for a warrior with mini version I, It seems to expect hordes of enemies and the final battle.

What mixes so wonderful: from their tribal style punk touch with some of the Street McQueen of the 90, to finish with a touch of early 20th century art. Motherhood no doubt sat you well to Sarah Burton…

And images distilled perfection. What would one contemplate closely and feel these structures, these pleats impossible and so difficult to create that look like architectural. And to have a face and a body so iconic that I would a doll barbie ex profess. I eat Kate Moss, It would look for where you want to go. And if you could also dress it’s Alexander McQueen.