Indonesian Beaches

Bali has very strong sea currents, so dozens of people drown here every year. The sea tide is extremely dangerous even for good swimmers. It is better to prefer the pools, of which there are many in Bali. Otherwise, the strictest security measures must be observed. During high tide, strong currents form. For swimming, you need to choose those parts of the beach that are in front of the hotels, you can’t swim too close to the rocks, because there are very strong waves here.

According to Sunglasses Will, the beaches of Kuta, Legyan, Seminyak are especially dangerous due to tides over 2 m high. Swimming is only necessary on controlled beaches.

Anyer is one of the most prestigious beaches. Here you can hire a boat to explore the nearby coral reefs. At Karang Bolong Beach, the rocks form a natural arch at the entrance to the sea.
In Bali, this Indonesian paradise, there are many opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures: discover the beauty of the underwater world by scuba diving or snorkeling, surfing or windsurfing, rafting on the amazing rivers Ayung and Telagawaja, known for their fast streams. On the southernmost coast of the island you can watch dolphins.

Topless sunbathing on the beaches of Indonesia is possible, but not necessary: ​​the curious glances of hot Indonesian guys will not let you enjoy the sea and the sun in peace. In addition, “topless” is not approved by the public in general and religion in particular. On all beaches, sunbeds and umbrellas are provided free of charge.

Car rental in Indonesia

Driving alone is not the safest way to travel in Indonesia. Unusual left-hand traffic on narrow roads in one lane requires some skill. In addition, you will encounter certain difficulties when moving from island to island. On the island of Bali, it is bad with signs, and you will have to explain yourself to the locals mainly in sign language.
A Suzuki Jimme car for two will cost $25 per day. A “Toyota Kijang”, accommodating seven, – $ 30. A car without air conditioning costs from $40 per day, with air conditioning, respectively, more expensive.
All car rental rates include: unlimited mileage, third party liability insurance, collision waiver, collision damage waiver, theft waiver, airport surcharges and all local taxes.
In order to rent a car, it is enough to meet three conditions:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must have a credit card (if you take an expensive car, two cards are required)
  • International driver’s license issued at least one year ago.

In Indonesia, there are representative offices of such well-known car rental companies as Avis and Hertz. You can use the services of local companies. Small firms have their advantages. They usually offer cars at lower prices. They often turn a blind eye to non-compliance with the main rules: age and driving experience.

Attention! Never schedule a car return on a weekend, especially if it is the day of departure. A typical situation: the office is closed, and an employee of the company should come to your hotel to pick up the car. An employee got stuck in a traffic jam, or got lost, or fell ill, or was attacked by wild tropical monkeys – you can only guess about this, but he does not appear at the hotel until about ten minutes after you left for the airport. You left the rented car at the hotel, but the money that you were supposed to return was left with the employee. Of course, they are ready to return them to you, but for this you will have to come to Indonesia again.


This tour will give you a lot of impressions. This time you will go to the western part of Bali. Rafting on rubber boats for 6-8 people in each along the most picturesque mountain river, on the banks of which you may be lucky enough to see families of monkeys. In 1990, an adventure tourism center was designed and launched by international experts, which is equipped with first-class equipment. Even small children from 9 years old can participate in rafting on the river. The rafting passes along the AYANG river, tourists pass 25 rapids, the river is surrounded by jungle, waterfalls, rice fields, and unforgettable tropical nature.

In the village of Begevan you will receive the necessary equipment: a helmet, a life jacket and an oar, go down to the river along a mountain path, where you will be instructed and blessed for the journey. It is recommended to bring a change of clothes and sunscreen. There is a special waterproof bag on the boat where you can keep your personal belongings, as well as your camera and camcorder. Experienced and professional guides guarantee complete safety. The most unpleasant thing that can happen to you here is that you will get wet from head to toe. So stock up on dry clothes. The descent down the river will take about two hours. A first-class lunch will be served on the river bank at the end of the trip.
The tour is for 4 hours. The cost of the tour is $50.

Indonesian Beaches