Interview To The Model Alissa Sourovova

The editors of met the beautiful model Alissa Sourovova to discover with her the limestone thrill the most important international catwalks.

Moscow, 1993. The Russian television passes the spot of a casting for a free course for models. Sourovova Alissa, 13, she decided to go. You are not any: he has long legs, blond hair and icy stare. But above all a personality and tenacity that leave no escape.
That course is just the beginning: Alissa seems born for the catwalk, posing flawlessly, perfectly interprets everything she wears. His first show in Red Square in Moscow, is for Valentino.
From there an uphill career: Enrico Coveri Comme Des Garcons, Gucci, Gianfranco Ferre. First work and then love took her to Paris, it seems to be to its destination but no. In his fate is Italy.

We we met Alissa Sourovova to find out how the fashion world from the inside.We stole the point of view of those who work hard in front and behind the scenes, who is used to being looked at but not heard. And so we found a passionate world, ironic, funny and wonderfully human.