J.Lo Tired of Campaigners against The Use of Furs

Jenniffer Lopez has come to its limit in terms of letters and threats you receive from organizations for the rights of animals. Above all of a person especially that it has been sending several months where even to come to write threatening letters that “would like to kill (the) in the street as the poor animals that she dresses”.

The singer and actress has reinforced its security due to the concern of your spouse Marc Antony by the misivas. However, a PETA representative has stated that they are not in accordance with that J. Lo. Vista skins, but that “all forms of violence is wrong. She needs to do is stop the real violence that promotes and subsidizes instead of providing extra protection that does not need”.

The controversy caused around the skins have made many designers will refuse to use them in their collections, while others have been demonized by their repetition. However, and although I disagree with the massive animal murder so that people can walk to swathed in their skins, I agree with the PETA spokesman that violence is not the answer and since we live in a free world everyone can wear what you want. But the celebrities must realize for themselves the influence of his public image. An affair with many edges.